Report on Gate Meeting at Doordarshan Bhawan, 8th August 2009

As second step of agitation on 7 point charter of demands, a huge Gate Meeting was arranged in Doordarshan Bhawan today at 1300 hrs..


Again ARTEE'ians have proved their strength by there presence of more than 250. The gathering was informed and addressed about the progress on demands by Sh.Anilkumar S, President, Sh. Umesh Chandra, Gen.Secy, Sh. Kuldeep Bhan, VP(AIR) and Sh. Yogesh Kumar, VP(NZ).

UNI representatives again pledged their solidarity with the agitation by their presence. From UNI Gaurav Arora ( Organiser UNICOMM), Mr. Laurent( rep. of FGTB, Belgium) and Ms. Pooja Bhatt and Sh. Deepak Pandey were present.

Today's meeting was also addressed by Sh. Maloy Kr. Das, VP(EZ). Office bearers of East Zone Sh.U.K.Shukla, AGS(TV), Sh. S. Goswami, JS(SEA/EA) and Sh. Madhab K Das, JS(Sr.Tech/Tech.) were also present.

Gate meetings were organised in all AIR & DD Stations across the country.


Photographs of the Gate Meeting.
From Regional Centers