Make our Presence Felt …. Once Again !

Dear Comrades ARTEEians,

Heartiest Congratulations for the hard work which ensured deduction of subscription from over 7000 members towards ARTEE. Once again we have proved with our collective efforts that we are undoubtedly the largest Association in the department and our members will always stand with the Association.

Prasar Bharati, vide its order dated 08/9/2011, declared that no Association is recognized since the CCS(RSA) Rules 1993 have not been implemented in AIR & Doordarshan (it was never implemented in all other wings of Ministry of I&B). We have proved it beyond doubt in our case in the Hon’ble CAT Delhi that it was not the fault from Associations but it was the Ministry who is sitting on the file since 1998 for recognition of Associations. The Hon’ble court accepted this point and directed the department to complete the process within 4 months from 29th February, i.e. upto 30th June 2012. Thereafter the department sought 2 months extension from the court till August 30. But on 27th August, Prasar Bharati again sought two more month’s time, which was denied by the court. Hon'ble court advised the department to file a new application with supporting details if they are looking for more time. Now the Govt and PB have filed a Miscellaneous Application (MA) No.2426/2012 in the Principal Bench of Hon'ble CAT at Delhi seeking 3 more month’s time and the same is scheduled for hearing on 03.10.2012.
As per the order dated 22.11.2011 issued by Prasar Bharati the last date for submitting applications for recognition was upto 29/2/2012. We submitted application in time along with authorization forms from individual employees, for deduction of subscription. Thereafter Prasar Bharati directed the Drawing & Disbursement Officers (DDO)/ Head of Offices (HOO) to start the deduction of subscription towards the Associations from the salaries of employees as per the Rules, within the stipulated time.
Prasar Bharati and Ministry admitted in this MA that ARTEE has submitted its application on 14.8.2011 (last date was 29.2.2012) and the total membership as on 27.8.2012 is 7088 and the total subscription received as on this date is 18575.
As per the CCS(RSA) Rules 1993, the Association, which gets the membership of 35% employees of particular category  (such as Engineering, Programme, Administration, Stenographers, Motor drivers, Group D employees-Now known as Multi Task Staff- etc.) will be granted recognition. The second Association if enjoys the support of more than 15% employees of the category will also be recognized.     

It is also very important to note that Smt. Ambika Soni, Hon’ble Minister for I&B assured Hon’ble Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha on 08/12/2011 and 20/12/2011 that, “It is up to the Association to ask and fulfil the criteria laid down by the DoPT for the recognition and the Ministry will have no problem or the other apparatus will have no problem in giving recognition to anyone.”
But it seem that inspite of fulfilling the conditions as per the DOP&T Rules and clear directive from Hon’ble Court, the Prasar Bharati Management is looking for excuses to delay the process. On the other hand they are issuing orders to DGs not to entertain letters from Associations. Prasar Bharati’s order terms it ‘wastage of energy of the management’, while advising Associations to refrain from taking up employees’ matters till completion of the recognition process.
Since we have completed fulfilling of conditions from our side (i.e., applied in time, made the amendments in constitution as per the directive of PB on the guidelines of RSA Rules, getting deduction of subscription from more than 7000 members) we will have to take it up directly with the management, in addition to the ongoing legal engagement.

It is a fact that all issues such as protection of pay scales, merger of cadres, ACP, Cadre review, and even small issues to be decided at station, zonal, Directorate levels relating to the welfare of the present employees, are at standstill for the last one year, whereas the Prasar Bharati Management is talking only about the recruitment rules and recruitment board for the last six months. In fact we are being told about these things for many years now.

We have been busy making all efforts to ensure completion of formalities under the DOP&T Rules. Now, since we have completed all the formalities from our side, it is time for us to raise the pitch for immediate completion of the recognition process. It is the basic right of any employee to request for implementation of the court decision and to follow the rules.

Whatever we have achieved till today is due to our strength and efforts and when we have officially proved our strength through the deductions, it is time to register our displeasure.
We call upon all members whose subscription has been deducted by the office to send the following telegram immediately to the CEO, Prasar Bharati.

Office deducted my subscription towards ARTEE. Kindly grant the recognition to ARTEE as per CCS(RSA) Rules 1993.

Address for sending telegrams:
Shri. Jawhar Sircar,
CEO, Prasar Bharati
2nd Floor, PTI Building,
Parliament Street
New Delhi – 110001.

Kindly take it on top priority and start sending telegrams immediately. Tell all members in other stations also wherever you can communicate.

Let us make this telegram drive a grand success and complete it before 30th September 2012. Unit Secretaries are requested to kindly report the same to the central office on email Ids given below.

Unity is Strength ! Show our strength by telegrams from each and every member.

                                                            ARTEE Zindabad


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