Call to Ensure Deduction of Subscription from Salary

Dear Comrades,

Heartiest Greetings! Prasar Bharati has now issued instructions to AIR & DD Stations for deductions towards subscription of Association membership from the salary of May 2012 onward. This is the first major step towards completing the process of recognition of Associations as per Central Civil Service (CCS) Recognition of Service Associations (RSA) Rules 1993. As per the rules, the DDO, after making recoveries, will submit the data of deductions to Prasar Bharati who in turn will compile the data to calculate the strength and will submit the file to the Ministry of I&B for issuing the formal orders. This has been our consistent demand from the Department/Ministry.

Now since the instructions are issued, I call upon all office bearers (Zonal/ State/ DMC/Unit) to kindly make all-out efforts for effecting the deductions at the earliest. All members who submitted their authorization forms should ensure the deduction of subscription from their salaries. Members who could not submit the forms to us before 29th February 2012 can submit forms to the Drawing & Disbursement Officer (DDO) or the Head of office. A report along with the list of members, from whom the subscription is being deducted towards ARTEE, may please be sent to the undersigned through email/ fax.
E-mail:,  Fax: 011-23354536

Unit Secretaries are requested to follow up the matter with respective Heads of Offices to start the deduction of subscription, and deposit the same to ARTEE’s Savings Bank account in the Main Branch of State Bank of India, New Delhi, under the name  “Association of Radio & Television Engineering Employees (ARTEE)” with A/c No.11084241652”.  Kindly take it up on top priority.

I call upon all members to remain united. Association extends its gratitude for the sincere efforts from members and office bearers in protecting the Association. Our mission is not yet completed. Kindly continue the efforts to ensure the democratic rights of the employees of AIR & DD. Let us be united for the cause so that the Associations can serve the welfare of its members spread across the country.

With warm regards,

Anilkumar S
General Secretary
Ph: 07898751688 (Rewa)

Copy of the order issued by Prasar Bharati for deduction of subscription from members