CCS(RSA) Recognition File Approved

The 5th March 2013 will be remembered as a historic day as the CCS(RSA) Recognition file is  Approved today by Hon’ble Minister of I & B, Sh. Manish Tewari ji.  On Tuesday I and Sh. Yogesh Kumar, VP(TV) Visited Ministry and first time got very positive information. Before that everytime we were getting the feed back that “we are doing it”. This time It was “We have decided to do it” but since it was just an information we have decided not to share. As per Ministerial resources the Approval was granted in the After noon and just fifteen Minutes after the Approval I received the Information. I informed  Gen.Secy.  and flashed it to all CWC Members.
Six Weeks time granted by Hon’ble Principle Bench CAT Delhi filed by ARTEE in Contempt Petition against delay in granting Recognition has played a big role in the decision. It has succeeded in enhancing the Pressure. The developments proved that we should have filed Contempt Petition just after when six months time elapsed on 30th June.  Rather I say we should have approached the Court of Law when first letter calling us UN RECOGNIZED was issued.
The Hard Work by ARTEEians throughout the  country has paid and I convey my gratitude for standing firmly with Leadership in the period of Crisis. We were sure that we will definitely come over the Crisis. Now we have to work hard to re build this Organization strength to strength but we have to take Care that ARTEE concentrate on Welfare of its Members than before anything else. Our Prime responsibility is towards our Members. Off course being largest Association we will fulfill our other commitments also on common platforms also but not at the cost of depriving our own Members.
I congratulate everyone for the historic and milestone achievement and request to look forward.
This is like a tribute to our great leader departed on 4th Mar 2013 Sh. Robin Dasgupta for his services to ARTEE.

                                                                                                             Umesh Chandra, President, ARTEE