As informed earlier it was decided to file the Contempt in Principle Bench CAT Delhi against delay in granting Recognition as per the verdict of Hon’ble CAT Delhi in OA no. 3591/2011 filed by three Associations ARTEE,ADTEA & PSA. The Petition filed on 21/01/2013 and came up for hearing on 23/01/2013. Hon’ble CAT asked to issue Dasti Notices to all three respondents and gave the next date of 06/02/2013. When we received Dasti Notices on 27/01/2013 (25/26/27th Jan were holidays) we found that the date is mentioned as 26/02/2013. On enquiring Administration of CAT informed that it may be due to congestion of cases on 6th Feb. The Dasti Notices were delivered same day by hand to all three respondents i.e. Hon’ble Secy.(I&B), CEO, Prasar Bharati and DG AIR. On 01/02/2013 we were informed by CAT Authorities through our Advocate that the date is 06/02/2013 itself and due to mistake the date was mentioned wrongly. Again the Dasti Notices were received and delivered to Respondents by hand for 06/02/2013. As per our information, it has started enhancing the Pressure on the Management.
On 06/02/13 Govt. Advocate presented the evidences that process is in advance stage and informed Hon’ble Court that 17 Associations have applied for Recognition and 10 have qualified including three Applicants. Our Advocate argued that already Respondents have been granted time of two months and three months respectively and even after that two and a half months have passed. On Assurance by Govt. Advocate for concluding the exercise, Hon’ble Court granted time of Six Months. Contempt is disposed.
We viewing all options and will take appropriate action as per legal Advice. We discussed the issue with our Advocate on 16th Feb 2013 and on expiry of Six Weeks we will demand for Interim Relief since respondent no. 1 (DG(AIR) and Respondent No. 2 CEO (Prasr Bharati) have already finished their work of and Short listed the Associations who are eligible for Recognition as per CCS(RSA) Rules and we can adapt some remedies on higher level.                                                                             

          Umesh Chandra, President