Cadre Review Committee Meeting Report

      The Meeting was held on 14.02.2014, under  the chairmanship of Sh. Budhiraja, E-in-C-AIR . Following ARTEE representatives  participated in the meeting.

1. Sh. Gajendra Sharma, VP(AIR),
2. Sh. Yogesh Kumar, VP(TV),
3. Sh. Rajesh Gautum-Add. General Secretary,
4. Sh. A.K Singhal-Secretary (Asstt Engineer)

1). ARTEE proposed that, three Supreme Court verdicts ( LA-Tech, One pay one cadre, Patna ACP) should be implemented in letter & sprit before  Seventh Pay Commission . After the  implementations of the Supreme Court verdicts all the hurdles in cadre restructuring shall be rectified automatically. Chairman of the committee has assured that he will request Prasar Bharati to implement all Apex court verdict first, for the finalization of Cadre review.

2). ARTEE asked the Chair to provide all the details regarding the  development of Cadre Review Committee proposal / approval etc. since the publication of the Cadre Review Committee report in  2009 to till date, as ARTEE was not informed the progress of Cadre Review due to de-recognition.

3).ARTTE has informed the Chair that  since its members  also involved directly in the entry level of officer cadre   the cadre review should be finalized in  a comprehensive manner  from helper to E-in-C and requested to  provide the proposal of Engineering officer’s  Association for detailed study and for  presenting our comprehensive proposal in the next meeting.

Chairperson has ensured that next meeting shall be conducted very soon after consideration of our proposals.