Update of Various issues

Inquiry on ARTEE Elections

As per the information received, Prasar Bharati has instructed to close this inquiry after getting the clarification from DOPT. DOPT has clearly instructed Prasar Bharati that:   

(1).The Action by Prasar Bharati should not in any way interfere with the Associationís freedom of conducting its elections.

(2). Recourse ( Redressal ) has to be within the byelaws of the Association.

As per information, legal opinion on the issue by the Counsel was also on similar lines. The above findings vindicated our stand that all complaints were filed without exhausting Section 22 of election byelaws. All the complainants gave a deadly weapon in the hands of Management. It could have lead to de recognition of ARTEE also . The Association has come out of this crisis as Central office handled the matter with utmost sensitivity in a most effective and logical manner. 

It is also worthy to mention that some of complainants have withdrawn their complaints and some of the complaints were filed with forged signatures.

Central Office conveys its gratitude for standing with the leadership during this crisis.


Tech vs Lighting Assistants Pay Parity

As reported earlier we have won the case to grant the scale Rs. 4500-7000 from 1983 to 1995 with notional fixation in Honíble Supreme Court.

The Lighting Assistant was granted pay parity with Asstt. Cameraman who was granted scale of Rs. 5000-8000 w.e.f. 01/01/96. Henceforth Lighting Assistant have also got same pay scale to maintain the Pay Parity with Asstt. Cameraman w.e.f. 01/01/96.

With the efforts of Association proposal of both (proposal to grant Notional Fixation and    proposal to grant Rs. 5000-8000 ) were sent to Deptt. of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance with the approval of DG AIR, Prasar Bharati and Honíble Ministry of I & B.

As per information the proposal for Notional Fixation has been approved by Deptt. of expenditure. We are collecting more details and assure our Members that we will do whatever required for the interests of our Members.


One Cadre One Pay

 As per information, Prasar Bharati has asked DG (AIR) to calculate financial implications of the issue. The letter has been issued.


ACP as per CAT PATNA Verdict

 Efforts are ON to get the instructions issued to calculate the financial implications of generalizing the benefit.


Cadre Review

 On 14th Feb 2014, the first Meeting of Cadre Review Committee convened by Chairman. ARTEE recorded its stand that three verdicts of Honíble Supreme Court has to be implemented first and Cadre Review proposal should be prepared based upon these verdicts. Next meeting will take place soon.



Central Office