Update on Recognition

As we all are aware that Recognition is the most important issue for all of us. We have tried our best to pursue the case through all possible means. On hectic persuasion the matter is sent by Prasar Bharati to Ministry of I & B after scrutiny where the matter is being pursued now. Undersigned and VP(TV) Along with AGS(TV) NZ visiting Ministry of I & B, (BA-P Section where the matter is being dealt)) since last three days where we found the progress of the case discouraging. At one point of time during last month we sensed that Recognition may be granted in coming few weeks. Now the mood in Management is clearly to delay it on one pretext or the other. I am of the opinion that we should have filed Contempt Petition way back in the Month of July 2012 when the four months time demanded by Govt. and Prasar Bharati expired on 30th June 2012. Since such decisions are always taken collectively so after discussing with other Applicants , we have decided to file Contempt Petition in Recognition to increase pressure and on Management. Necessary steps are being taken.

Umesh Chandra
                                                                    President, ARTEE


Click here for Resolution for filing the Contempt Petition