ARTEE CWC Meeting ………. Report

The Central Council and CWC Meeting of ARTEE was organised in Delhi from 24th to 27th July 2012 on a crucial juncture when we are making our best of United efforts to get the CCS(RSA) Recognition as early as possible. Organizing a CWC Meeting amidst present circumstances was an uphill task. Central office conveys its gratitude to everyone who contributed to make this Meeting a Success.

Central Council Meeting

A brief Central Council Meeting held on 24th July. CC Members discussed the issues and utilized the Meeting for preparations of detailed discussion in CWC Meeting.

Central Working Committee Meeting

First Day

The Opening session started with observing 2 minutes silence to give homage to all our comrade ARTEEians who left us since last CWC Meeting. After this the Session started as per Agenda. Meeting went on till 23:00 hrs. in Night.


Second Day

On Second day All CWC Members attended the March to Parliament organized by Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers. (CCGEW) of which ARTEE is an Affiliate. The March was organized to give emphasis on demands like Constitution of 7th Pay Commission, OTA Rates, Stop Outsourcing etc (Charter of demands is available of ARTEE website). A March Attended by a huge no. Of Employee welfare organizations. CCGEW also gave a call of strike on 12th Dec 2012. All Comrades of ARTEE attended the March with enthusiasm.


After Attending the Confederation March, All CWC Members came back and CWC Meeting resumed at 17:00 hrs. And discussion went on upto 23:00 hrs.

Final Day

On Final Day discussion started on remaining Agenda items. Office bearers took keen interest and discussed issues in length and breadth which shows the level of involvement and interest. CWC also discussed the problems of Helpers, Diesel Staff. The detailed Agenda covered almost everything from Cadre based issues, departmental issues and Organizational too.


In Closing ceremony as a Souvenir Momentos were presented to all five zones and the whole CWC expressed pledged its resolve to do whatever required to get the recognition back quickly.


The report will incomplete without Mentioning the hectic efforts made by Sh. Ashok Gupta, Ex Unit Secy. AIR HPT Kingsway,  Sh. Ashwani Dagar, Secy. (SEA/EA), Sh. Gyanendra Muni Tyagi. Secy(S.Tech/Tech), Sh. Naveen Mahajan, Member Deptt.Council and Sh. Ginesh Aggarwal, Treasurer, AIR HPT Kingsway Unit. Sh. Ashok Gupta retired in Sep’2011 but still he is available whenever Association requires him. Our Salute to such Comrades. We also acknowledge the sincerity of our Comrade office bearers who despite the adverse conditions always stand up with the call of the Organization.
The Success of the CWC once again attributed that our Unity and ARTEE so strong that No body can break it. The spirit of ARTEE will always be alive.
                                                            LONG LIVE ARTEE
                        Anilkumar S,                                                                          Umesh Chandra
                        Gen.Secy.                                                                               President

Report by President in CWC Meeting

Report by Gen.Secy. in CWC Meeting