EA & SEA Merger in G.P.4200 with Personal Pay

As Informed earlier on this sensitive issue me along with VP(TV) and VP(NZ) met Joint Secy. (B) in the presence of Sh.S.K.Garg, Dy.Secy. last week who gave us positive assurance. Later on the instruction of or respected CEO I met Member(P) and Sh. R. Venkateshwarulu, Sr. G.M.(P). We have been following it vigorously. The follow up and the pressure created by email drive successfully highlighted the issue up to the level of our Hon’ble Minister. Today again me , VP(TV) and VP(NZ) went to Ministry I & B and met JS(B) and other officials who informed us that, Ministry of I & B has sent back the proposal of Merging EA and SEAs by downgrading the G.P. 4200 with extra amount in Personal Pay in the designation Jr. Engr. to Prasar Bharati to re consider it. We immediately came to Prasar Bharati and again met Member(P) and Sr. G.M.(P) and discussed the issue. Prasar Bharati now forwarding the proposal to Cadre Control Authority DG AIR. We also had a brief meeting with Sh. L.D.Mandaloi, DG AIR who ask us to come and discuss. This is a significant development but we can not be complacent. Now our efforts will be that DG AIR send a good proposal.

Considering the scenario when we are reeling under the Recognition fiasco and facing all around Attacks it is like saving life from the jaws of death. It is a step forward towards saving ourselves. But the work is not over yet, we are determined to make all efforts that DG AIR send a good proposal. I congratulate all our Members to stand United with the Leadership. UNITY ZINDABAD.

                                                                                                                                               Umesh Chandra,
                                                                                                                                                President, ARTEE.