Recently some entities tried to make a mountain out of nothing. Whether this was to promote their personal ego altar or their indifference to the larger cause they pretend to represent, is not clear.

               The forced subject was the support of ARTEE, for the ongoing agitation of ADEA, in the common interest of all employees of AIR & DD. The agitation as made out in the organizers letter requesting our support was for realization of the mirage called promotions.

               Here it needs to be clarified that  ARTEE President manning the chair of NFADE cannot repeat  cannot be a split personality, when it comes to the welfare of the employees of AIR & Doordarshan.   

               ARTEE is confident that while supporting this agitation, ARTEE is fulfilling its responsibility towards the members of this Association in particular and protecting the employees of AIR &DD in general, without any discrimination based on religion, caste, language, region, gender etc.

               The promotions in almost all cadres of AIR & DD are at standstill, still employees of Engineering cadres are getting a few promotions after a very long time period. The recent dissenting developments may throw us in the same direction as our colleagues from Programme and other cadres are heading since long back.

               So it was considered as a boon for the employees from the cadre of ASE (JTS) down to Helper that Ministry has agreed for promotion to the 257 vacant posts in STS from JTS. The total promotions, as a result of this promotion, in entire engineering fraternity were as under:

JTS to STS :198 (available eligible candidates as on 31.7.2010)
AE to JTS  : 99 (another 99 for Direct Recruitment)
SEA to AE: 99
EA to SEA: 99
Sr. Technician to EA: 20 (remaining 79 for Direct Recruitment)
Technician to Sr. Technician: 20
Helper to Technician: 4 (remaining 16 for Direct Recruitment)
Khalasi to Helper: 2 (another 2 for Direct Recruitment)

Total vacancies for promotions from JTS to Khalasi : 198+99+99+99+20+20+4+2 = 541

As per existing reservation rules, 15% for SC and 7.5% for ST candidates (there may be some variation while fixing the roster)

Accordingly, SC candidates to be benefited (15 % of 541) are 81 and ST candidates (7.5 % of 541) 41

Total of SC/ST candidates proposed to get promotions: 81+41 = 122

This simple mathematics should have been the guiding spirit for any Association or group.

               On the other hand we also demanded that the management, including CEO, Prasar Bharati should ensure proper maintenance of roster in all cadres. Instead of backstage action, if any STS Officer is disadvantaged because of improper roster, they should have approached and demanded the Secretary I&B and CEO, Prasar Bharati to fix the responsibility, since the administration wing of DG:AIR is solely responsible for the same. It may be recalled that CEO, had directed the administration of DG:AIR to update the eligibility lists, by maintaining the roster as per the rules way back in the year 2007 and again in 2008. Accordingly DDG(A), AIR has constituted a committee for this purpose, with a time limit upto 18th July 2008 to submit the report/findings to the DDG(A). But nobody knows that what happened to this exercise after July 2008 and for another two years! Further, o/o DG:AIR assured Honorable Parliament in the year 2008 that corrections will be made immediately.  But unfortunately the administration was least bothered about the issue and now, the employees are being punished for the delay and negative approach of the administration. The well wishers of employees should have demanded the immediate action against erring officials for the purposeful delay, dereliction of duties and disobedience of the highest authority. Accordingly you will also agree that it will be cruel to the 122 Nos. of SC/ST candidates, ranging from Helper to ASE, if their promotions are delayed/ denied for the sake of three or four STS/JAG officers (Station Engineers / Superintending Engineers) (if there were any irregularities at all, in their promotion orders – that can be rectified at any time) who have nothing to do with these promotions. You may also agree that these 122 employees belongs to lower cadres also have the fundamental rights and interest as same as that of few STS/JAG officers! On the other hand we have been demanding that the review of Roster & past promotions should be done in parallel with the present promotions – to save time and money.
               Now the most alarming situation, if we can read in between the lines (which is necessary if we have to survive in a world where constant efforts are being made to destroy the entity of regular employees) is:

                When a govt department is converted into a corporation, the posts of the department will be abolished on a post date and the same posts will be created in the corporation. But the united struggle of NFADE did not allow the system for Prasar Bharati, hence the Honorable GoM has taken a decision to retain the employees upto 05/10/2007 as Central Govt employees. Thus if Prasar Bharati could succeed in abolition of any promotional post, they can claim the same posts in PB.

               Now come to the reality; the objections and disputes (created by the O/o DG:AIR)  were nullified by the letter dated 31.3.2010 of Ministry of I&B (Cadre controlling authority for Group A cadres) in which DG:AIR was directed to provide Regular promotions to all available vacancies in the staff strength of 585 no of posts in STS cadre, 721 posts in JTS cadres etc. ( all posts without any abolition). It is astonishing that officers of administration are acting as more loyal than the king and asking for current clarifications!  The DPC for the promotions are repeatedly been interrupted on various excuses even after the clearance of roster from 2006 to 2010 by the Liaison Officer. The officers in administration of DG: AIR are still advocating for ad - hoc promotions despite the instructions from Ministry to grant regular promotions. All these facts are pointing to the conspiracy to destroy the regular employees of AIR & DD and to strengthen the movement for contractual employees for Prasar Bharati.  

               I would have appreciated NFADE if it could extend support to this agitation on common cause as mentioned above but it could not due to the strong reservations from one of the constituents.

               My humble request with folded hands to each and every regular employee of AIR & DD is to keep their eyes and ears always open to see and realize the threats in various formats, penned and planned by our own seniors in AIR & DD of Prasar Bharati, to crush the unity of employees of AIR &DD, the mantra of divide and rule for success and survival till today. Let us not leave our members at the mercy of the Prasar Bharati management.

               An all concerned meeting with CEO held on 04/08/2010 was attended by      S/Sh. P.M.Bhakta(ADEA),      Sanjay Kumar(PSA),      V.N.Jha(Akashvani Gr. D Karamchari Sangh)      and representatives of CCW employees union. The issue was deliberated  upon in detail.

               Once again I request you to kindly join with the movement to ensure the timely promotions of the members of all associations.

                           With warm regards,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        (Anilkumar S)