Meeting with Member(P) on the instruction of CEO

As informed earlier that Email Drive has been fruitful in highlighting the issues. As per message from Our Respected CEO, Accordingly I met Member(P) on Wednesday in Individual Capacity and appraised him about the facts on issue. Shri R.Venkateshwarulu, Sr.G.M.(P) of Prasar Bharati was also Present in the Meeting.

EA & SEA Merger in G.P.4200 with Personal Pay :

The issue of Merger of EA & SEA by Downgrading Grade Pay from 4600 to 4200 has become very important as EA is pivotal Cadre and all other Cadres got the scales on the basis of EA. We have been running from pole to pillar to come out of the crisis. As informed earlier I alongwith VP(TV) and VP(NZ) earlier met Joint Secy.(B) last week.

The issue discussed in length and breadth in an hour long Meeting. After discussion it is clear that some segments in DG AIR , PB and in Ministry of I&B has been creating this illusion that while doing this of downgrading of Grade Pay from Rs. 4600 to Rs. 4200 and placing the extra amount in Personal Pay. still the incumbents will be not effected badly. I cleared the confusion and explained that On this Personal Pay there will be no DA, Increment etc, Allowances will be reduced, All eligibility criteria of LTC, Medical treatment etc will be down, MACP, Career and Pension will be badly effected. It will also have repercussions in other cadres. I also argued that When Incumbent Sound Recordist is protected how for other incumbents it can be downgraded and in the event of constitution of 7th Pay Commission it will again hamper our benefits.

Member(P) assured to review the matter and update CEO on the issue. However some positive developments are taking place,  but we cant be complacent and have to be vigil.
CCS(RSA) Recognition :
                                           On the issue of Recognition, the clarification sought by Ministry I&B was cleared DG AIR and was pending in Prasar Bharati. It is also cleared and sent to Ministry of I &B. Member(P) assured that there is no delay on part of Prasar Bharati now The Matter was discussed with JS(B) also last week who assured that the process will be completed soon. So let us keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

I argued that this is one of the fall outs of CCS(RSA) Recognition Process is the we are unable to get access to Authorities to present our issues. The situation of Welfare Activities at stations is pathetic. I suggested that till Recognition Procedure is completed we should be allowed to present our issues in Individual Capacity, if not from Association Platform.
Member(P) assured to get updates regularly from employee side.

Bifurcation of Zones :

The Creation of two more zones out of present five zone also discussed. The bitter experience of creation of North East Zone out of erstwhile East Zone was also discussed.

Member(P) assured that it will be done after giving due consideration to Staff Concerns.

Bunching Benefit if Pay Fixation to Sr. Techs and EAs in pre revised Rs. 5000 scale. :

I informed M(P) about the issue that same benefit is extended to Stenographers, head clerks and Accountants but our people in Sub Ordinate Engg. Cadres are denied by this. M(P) informed that he has received my letter on the issue and looking into the Matter.

 Vacant Quarters in Metro Project Kingsway Camp and other cities :

Member (P) asked our Suggestions on the issue. I suggested two measures

[1]. In Metro Cities we have been demanding a TRANSIT HOSTEL so that the person comes to join should not be worried about immediate accommodation and if a transit hostel is there he can stay there till he is allotted the regular Accommodation. This way we some quarters will be occupied and PB will get revenue also.

[2]. I informed that we have been demanding to build HOLIDAY HOMES and some of the quarters may be converted into this so that Our Employees who visit Delhi and other Metros on LTC and other purposes can stay there. This way also quarters will be occupied and PB will get Revenue.

Member(P) appreciated these suggestions and assured positive action.

An hour long meeting ended with positive node and M(P) appreciated the suggestions.

                                                                                                                                                Umesh Chandra,
                                                                                                                                                President, ARTEE.