CEO Assurance about EA and SEA Merger

Assurance by Respected CEO, Prasar Bharati on EA and SEA Merger and Other Employees Related issues
On  behalf of ARTEE I conveyed thanks to our CEO Sh. Jawhar Sircar for his decisions taken on issues related to Employees. Particularly in EA and SEA Merger which has been a hot potato since last One half year with a threat to down grade both in Grade Pay Rs. 4200. We received a positive response in the Meeting held in Prasar Bharati with the committee headed by Sh.R.K.Jain, Ex. and Consultant on 14th feb 2013. He conveyed the gist of discussion to CEO. I am happy that with the Unity and Support shown by ARTEEians we highlighted the issue with correct methodology and succeeded in getting the Positive response. The same is acknowledged in recent letter released by our CEO. Pl. click on the link and go through clause 3 (iv), CEO clearly mentioned about Protection to incumbents.

We also welcome the positive intention of Prasar Bharati expressed in clause 6, to settle the issue through discussion with employees to avoid Court Cases.


CEO’s Response
Re: Cognratulations and Thanx                                                           Monday, February 25, 2013 1:52 PM
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CEO thanks for your good wishes.  All the best : PPS to CEO

My Email to CEO
On 23 February 2013 12:21, Umesh C Sharma <> wrote:

Respected Sir,                                                                             23/02/2013
On behalf of this Association I congratulate you and convey my Gratitude for your visionary and innovative decisions. We r thankful that due to such moves DDs name is again visible in Print Media. It is indeed a pleasant feeling to see DD in news papers while sipping Morning Tea.
Sir pl. take reference of my mail aroud 10 months back on the same subject. I requested you to give some cross channel publicity also.I also thank you for moral boosting presence in lunch with staff in Doordarshan Bhawan on 14th Feb to give employees a feel that they are also part of DDs initiative.
I also convey my gratitude for the Stand Being taken by Prasar Bharati in the issue of EA and SEA Merger. On your instructions we had a very positive Meeting in Prasar Bharat with the committee headed by Sh. R.K.Jain, and Consultant (PB).
We are always with you in your endeavor of giving DD a new face. You will always find us with you.
Thanx for being such a dynamic CEO.
Umesh Chandra Sharma,
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