Update on EA(5K) issue

The EA(5K) Gwalior Case SLP in Hon'ble Supreme Court was listed on 22/01/2013 in Court No. 10. But Since the Court Adjourned early due to Security Concerns in the Capital for Republic Day It could not come up for hearing. Next Date is 22 Febrary, 2013. We are doing our best for the cause, but we have no other option except to wait for the case to come up for hearing and have patience. However no one can be sure of legal outcome but this case in on better footing in comparison of Lighting Assistant Case. We have won from two CATs two High Courts (Delhi and Gwalior) and from Hon’ble Supreme Court in One Case. The Mgmt. is playing delay tactic here also by mixing and interlinking the Contempt, Review and SLP of both the case in clandestine manner. We have to find some other Alternatives which may include changing the Advocate also. Suddenly to our surprise the date is changed to 22/04/2013 from 22/02/2013. On 16/02/2013 President and Gen.Secy. had a Meeting with the Advocate who was also our Advocate in Lighting Assistant’s Case. We are viewing all options including filing an Application for early hearing.


                                                Umesh Chandra, President, ARTEE