Update on EA(5K) issue

               As you aware, on 29th OCT 2013, Govt. SLP in EA(5K) Gwalior Case was dismissed by Hon’ble Supreme Court. The Hon’ble Supreme Court had linked the Review Petition filed in MS Rana and Lalit Pawar Case with this SLP and the Contempt filed by ARTEE in same case  was adjourned as Review Petition is filed.

             Immediately after getting the certified copy of the judgment of Gwalior case, Central Office took the decision to avail services of Sh. Manish Bishnoi for following up the Review Petition of M.S.Rana and Lalit Pawar Case. In the Review Petition filed by the Govt in our main 5K EA case, Hon'ble Supreme Court vide its order dated 15/12/2011,had directed to put up the case file before the bench (in the chamber of the judges) after the disposal of the Gwalior 5K EA case. Today (20/11/13)  Sh. Bishnoi submitted the application to the Registrar in Hon’ble Supreme Court to reopen the Review Petition . As per the information given by our advocate, the Registrar  assured to submit the file as early as possible. Adv. Manish Bishnoi will follow up the case on our behalf.

         Immediately after dismissal of the Review Petition the Contempt in Principle Bench Delhi will be revoked. We are following up the case organizationally also. We agree that justice is delayed, since a long time but there is no other way except keeping patience and tackle things efficiently.

Click here for  certified copy of SC order in Gwalior case.

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