Freezing of transfers removed

Dear Comrades,

           We have been receiving call s from across the country regarding the ban imposed on the transfer postings. It was learnt that the officers at various levels informed the members & office bearers that they cannot issue any orders till getting a clarification from the Prasar Bharati.

CEO & Member (P), and,C(TV) clarified that there is no ban on general transfers and that communication was due to more and more political intervention in transfer cases.

But our officers, even though they were agreeing that the language in the mail can defined as political transfer cases, they don't want to take any risk till getting clarification from PB. Hence took up the matter with CEO & Member (Personnel) by President and Gen.Secy.

Meanwhile officials in DG:AIR submitted some files of transfer to M(P) to find out their stand, accordingly M(P) clarified in transfer cases of some individuals that there is no ban on general transfers. But since the officers were still looking for a general clarification, again approached all the senior officials and accordingly CEO& M(P) directed ADG(Per), PB to settle the matter. ADG(Personnel), PB informed both the E-in-Cs over phone on in front of me that there is no ban on transfers and she advised EinC to convey the same to ADG(Zones) and then intimate me accordingly.

E-in-C AIR informed that he advised all ADG(E)(Zones) to issue the transfer orders wherever pending since there is no ban on transfers.He informed that the same thing has already been communicated to E-in-C DD also.
Ultimately the doubt & confusion on this matter has been removed.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Central Office