Details of EA(5K) Gwalior SLP

             As we all aware, the delay in the decision in the SLP (SLP (Civil) 31958-31959 /2011) filed by the government in Gwalior 5K EA case was delaying the decision in 5K EA case supported by ARTEE for the last two years since the Review Petition (2622 OF 2011) filed by the government (against the dismissal of the government SLP in the 5K EA case supported by ARTEE ) was kept in abeyance till a decision in the SLP filed by the government in supreme court in Gwalior 5K EA case. It was also linked with the Contempt Petition filed in Prriciple Bench Delhi for implementation of M.S.Rana and Lalit Pawar Case.

          After elections ,in the first meeting of the central executive( held on 07-08-2013) itself, we had decided to avail the service of senior lawyer Sh. Jayant Bhushan for mentioning the case and for appearing in the Gwalior case. Consequently as per the decision of the central executive senior lawyer Sh. Jayant Bhushan mentioned the case before the court of Hon’bl Supreme Court on 29-08-2013 and the court granted the hearing on 24-09-2013.

        There after our advocate again mentioned the case on 24-09-2013 and in  01-10-2013. And in 22-10-2013, senior lawyer Sh. Jayant Bhushan again mentioned the case and we got the hearing date as 29-10-2013. In today’s (29-10-2013) hearing Sh. Jayant Bhushan appeared for us and successfully argued for us and due to his effective arguments all issues raised by Govt. Counsel were over ruled. Hon’bl Supreme Court dismissed the government SLP (SLP (Civil) 31958-31959 /2011) in favor of the applicants. It is only due to the frequent mentioning by our lawyers that we got three listing dates in this month (October) itself, and finally we achieved victory today in Gwalior case.

        Now after the verdict in the Gwalior 5K EA case the obstacle in hearing the review petition (2622 OF 2011 ) is removed. Now we will consider every option to get Review Petition dismissed, including services of Sr.Advocate Sh. Jayant Bhushan for an early decision. We assure all of you that the implementation of the three Supreme Court verdicts are the top priority for the new central team, and we will do everything possible to achieve it with the active support of our members.

        Our Focus is on All issues including implementation of these Hon’ble Sup.Court verdicts. Once again we appeal all to take lesson from this and don’t go for Individual cases. All of these works are done amidst negative activities of some negative thinkers in last two months. We reaffirm our commitment once again to work with dedication on all issues including handling these elements and all sorts of enquiries.

                                                                                                       With best wishes,
                                                                                                       Umesh Chandra
                                                                                                       President ,ARTEE