Clarification on DG (AIR) Order regarding fixation of Pay of EAs

It is reported from some of the stations that some doubts are being raised on DG (AIR) order No 14/18/2011-S IV(A)/41 dated 09-02-2012 regarding ‘fixation of basic pay in the pay scale of Rs 7450-11500 for those EAs whose basic pay has not touched Rs 7450/- as on 01-01-2006’. 

It is clarified that;

  1. The DG (AIR) order quotes Rule 7(A-2) of revised pay rules-2008 for fixation of pay in the new scale. This rule clearly states that;

          (A)   In the case of all employees;

    1. The pay in the pay band/ pay scale will be determined by multiplying the existing basic pay as on 1.1.2006 by a factor of 1.86 and rounding off the resultant figure to the next multiple of 10.
    2. If the minimum of the revised pay band/ pay scale is more than the amount arrived at as per (i) above, the pay shall be fixed at the minimum of the revised pay band/ pay scale.
  1. DG (AIR) order also quotes illustration 4A. This illustration is meant to extend the benefit of fixation in the minimum of the revised pay scale with bunching.

Therefore there should be no doubt that the fixation of all those EAs be done at 7450/- whose basic is less than 7450/- as on 1.1.2006.
Further, a detailed article on this issue prepared by Shri. Vijay Raju, State Secretary, MP along with the supporting documents are attached for convincing the Head Of Office/ DDO wherever necessary.

Logic of Fixation as per 7 (A) (i)&(ii) and ILLUSTRATION 4A

Clarification on fixation - order by DG,AIR

Notification of 29 Aug 2008 on revision of pay scales

Fitment Tables