ARTEE Initiative for making funds available for of 60% Arrears of  CPC, Bonus, DA Arrears & Salary on Time.

When news of shortage of funds for 60% Arrears of  CPC, Bonus, DA Arrears & Salary on Time arrears received from Stations. ARTEE. In its continuous endeavor to fight for members to get their right on time ARTEE Central office started its efforts by meeting with authorities. ARTEE met DDG (A&F) AIR, ADG (A&F) DD, Member (P), Member (F) and CEO. Situation was worsen by RN Message to stop the payment even if stations where funds were available. Our efforts got support of NFADE too. We were assured that Salary will be disbursed on time and all due payments will be cleared before the Deepawali.

Now the LOC is released, funds have been made available and all payments are being cleared. So let us  welcome Festival of light Deepawali while enjoying the fruit of Unity. So be United.

Sanghe Shakti. ARTEE Zindabad.

                                                                                                         ……From Central office ARTEE