(NFADE observes National Integration Day on 19th November 2008)


Dear friends,

            As you are aware that NFADE has been working hard, to make everybody realize the need to save the organization of All India Radio & Doordarshan as these National Broadcasters are dedicatedly and honestly working for decades to safeguard the integrity and security of the largest democracy in the world. So it has been decided to observe the National Integration Day on 19th November 2008 (Wednesday) in the national and state capitals. The information from the Central Unit of NFADE is attached herewith. All the Zonal and State Conveners of NFADE are requested to observe the National Integration Day at State Capitals on the same day. They can organize the followings;

  1. Lunch Hour Gate Meetings: Eminent personalities of the area, from all spheres of life, may be invited to address the gathering.


  1. Press Publicity: Wide press publicity in both the print & electronic media.
  1. Oath Taking: In the gate meeting the members have to take the pledge to ensure and work for safeguarding National Broadcaster to safe guard the integrity and security of the Nation.


  1. Any other programme they feel necessary  and appropriate may be organized to highlight the cause of the National Broadcasters.

This is a noble attempt to propagate the message for the need for keeping both AIR & Doordarshan with the government in order to save our motherland from the destructive forces which are challenging the unity and security of the nation through the foul game of regionalism, communalism and caste.

Please send the report to the Central Unit of NFADE. For any clarification please contact the following office bearers.


Anil Kumar                 Kulbhushan Bhatia              D.Mehrotra           Sanjay Kumar    V.N.Jha
Chairman                    Secretary General               Vice Chair.            Vice Chair.         Vice Chair.
9818759192                9968272157                       9810862165     9868470208         9818075427

Text Box: Format for the letter to be submitted to the dignitaries is attached. You are requested to put the signature of cordinator/secretary of Zonal/state  committee in place of Chairman/Secretary General.



NFADE /NID/2008/                                                                                                      dated:






Our Nation is facing unprecedented crisis on growing intolerance and groupism in the name of caste, creed, colour, religion and State. Recent incidents in Maharashtra, the tension in the J&K valley, the troubles in Northeast, Orissa etc are posing serious threat to our National Integrity.

Media, as the 4th pillar of democracy, has to play a crucial role during such trouble times.  Mahatma Gandhiji had once said about radio – “I see Shakti in it.  The power of God”.  This Shakti has the potential to create harmony or cause vast destruction. इस कसौटी पर मीडिया कितना खरी उतरती है?  (How serious is the role of media?)  It is a time for retrospection. 

We may be Maharashtrians, Gujaratis, Punjabis, Bengalis, Tamilians or Andhrites, but we are Indians first.  Nothing is bigger than our Nation.  What role the National Broadcaster – AIR & Doordarshan – play to uphold our national integrity?  How week or strong this medium is?  How relevant is the national broadcaster in such circumstances.  What are the lessons from the world?    

NFADE, a conglomeration of more than 22 service associations of All India Radio and Doordarshan, representing about 40,000 employees spread over the entire length and breadth of the country, is organising an Open House Discussion to address this issue of paramount importance on 19.11.2008, the National Integration Day. Select dignitaries in the political & social sector will address the function.

We invite you to come and share your thoughts on this occasion at Akashvani Bhawan, Parliament Street, New Delhi at 11.30 - 1600 hrs on 19.11.2008.  A blood donation camp is also being organized on this occasion at same venue.  We look forward for your confirmation on 9818759192, 9968272157 or fax at 011-23354536 at the earliest. 

Please come and participate.  This is a National Call.

                                          With warm regards,


(Kulbhushan Bhatia)                                                                     (Anilkumar S)

Secretary General                                  Chairman