Just after the news of suspension of some of our Members is received ARTEE is trying to whatever we can in the prevailing situation when No Association is Recognized and we can go for any Agitational step. I am in Kargil for my relieving and after taking update from Sh. Yogesh Kumar (VP) I immediately send an email to our CEO and Member (P). I assure our Members that We will do whatever is possible.

Email sent to CEO on 26/12/12

Respected Sir,                                     ,                                                                                                         26.12.12
With regards this is in reference of recent unfortunate incident of suspension of some of our Staff Members of O.B. Coverage.
It is also an example that how serious the intervention of people who bears no responsibility towards nation and Govt. may be. But it is also sad that innocent employees have been made scapegoat of the incident. It is pertinent to mention that we have been doing VVIP O.B.s and recordings with full sense of responsibility since decades. Even when DD was the only broadcaster we never listen such kind of incident.
However we never subscribe any lapse if any in performing duty. There must be other reasons like non availability of transport on time etc. We strongly oppose such move and request you to protect your own employees to establish faith in the system.
We are with you in your endeavor to reform the system. I am sending a cutting of todays Hindustan News Paper for your reference.

Umesh Chandra,
President,A.R.T.E.E., www.arteeindia.org
Phones +919871765714 (Delhi), +919412222756 (Kargil J&K)
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Reply by Respected CEO Sh. Jawhar Sircar

I am out on Tour to different places till 30th and may not be able to access the internet. Wishing you a very Happy New Year.
Jawhar Sircar