UNI Apro Empowerment Course on “Becoming Educator & Organizer”
Venu: Hotel Himalaya, Kathmandu, Nepal.


I was selected by ARTEE HQ to represent ARTEE in the UNI meet held at Kathmandu, Nepal on 13-17 July 2010. The above course was basically based upon “Becoming Educators & Organizers”. Initially they explained in details about Union Network International (UNI) & it’s Goal.
          During the course they taught us about organizing skill & communication skills, how to tackle the problems in organization, how to negotiate with management etc. The speciality of the course was the organizers actively involve the participants to perform roll play, to learn through group discussion, to complete assignments, to prepare session plan, to share experiences & to deliver lectures on given topics, related to Unions.
          Finally, at the end of the session they had given us a group wise task, to plan a session for 90 minutes on any topic related to Union. The participants plan the session with the help of flip charts, by using two teaching methods & two teaching aids. Our goal was to deliver 25 minutes of live presentation using all the above techniques.
          We did our best to complete the task as desired by the faculty & the coordinators appreciated our efforts.
          I learned many new things through this course. These types of courses are very useful for all new generation & active union/association members. This will help all Union members to come under one umbrella of UNI.
          Now a day’s companies & market expanding globally, we the Unions also expand our boundaries to go Global to increase our bargaining powers and to organize members to fight for our rights.
          I am grateful to UNI Apro & the Organizers, Brother Hashim Lobe, Director of Trade Union Development, UNI Apro & Brother Jayasree Jaylal Director Finance, UNI Apro. I am also thankful to Brother Rajenra Acharya & our faculty Brother Anil Sarma & Sister Dipa for their efforts to make the course useful for all participants & made our stay wonderful & comfortable. UNI had also organized one solidarity dinner & local site seeing tour for all the percipient.
         I appreciate all the participants from all the south Asian countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Nepal for their active participation. I am thankful to All Brother & Sisters from Nepal, for extending their cooperation, affection & love.
          I am very thankful to Sh. Anilkumar S, President & Sh. Umeshchandra, General Secretary, ARTEE for nominating me for the above course by which I got an opportunity to represent our country & our organization & go global with my Vision & Mission.
          I have made all efforts to raise the name, fame & glory of our nation & our esteemed organization ARTEE, in the International meet.

Yashwant Tahasildar
Vice President, W/Z, ARTEE