Transfer committee: A FARCE!
Why ARTEE is not a party ?
Since its inception, ARTEE is considered as a watchdog in the department. The Transfer Policy issued by Ministry in the year 1981 was prepared after due consultation with ARTEE and therefore ARTEE is always keen to ensure the implementation of Transfer policy in it's true spirit. Violations and other cases as and when pointed out and are got rectified on case-to-case basis. We used to submit the representations of our members to the transferring authorities and present their cases as the advocates of our members.

The role of welfare Association is to be an advocate for its members in dealings with the Management and thereby to protect the interest of the members. Once the Association becomes part of the Management then ARTEE may not be able to serve our members.
Since last two years, the Prasar Bharati Management had been trying to bring ARTEE to be a part of transfer postings. Some of the compelling reasons ARTEE abstained from such committees are:

1. Once we are part of the management, we will be compelled to think from the management angle and we will have to be part of unpleasant decisions to post employees to various stations where our members are reluctant to go.

2. When long lists, ranging from 50 to 200 persons are to be transferred it will be impossible for any one to remember each and every case of its merits for any employee who is proposed for transfer. Once it is approved signed & sealed in the committee meetings, all the signatories are bound by the decision. No appellate authority is left. On the other hand, when we are not party to such decision we have the right to approach the authorities to correct the orders to protect the interest of our members, which is our prime responsibility. Recently the o/o DG, AIR corrected 35 cases out of the 52 cases they have ordered after the intervention of ARTEE. Similar was cases with Doordarshan. When the Association has the faith in itself to advocate the interest of our members, it is not required to become part of such committees.

3. After the experience for the last ten years of Prasar Bharati, we have decided to make all efforts to continue as Central Govt employees and agitated under the banner of NFADE. Staff unions, as part of management is a concept prevalent in Industries/PSU's etc., not in Central Government. We are not in favour of back door entry to Prasar Bharati fold through this step thereby negating the stand of NFADE.

Foreseeing all these dangers, ARTEE refused the repeated proposal from the Management to become part of this transfer committee and our Zonal VPs also extended same viewpoint on this issue. Moreover ARTEE is confident that we are strong enough to protect the interest of our members by advocating their issues instead of blindly becoming the part of the management.