Be Ready for an Agitation to Stop Recoveries of Huge Amounts from Salaries

Dear Comrades,

Thank you for your sincere efforts to strengthen ARTEE by submitting authorisation forms in good numbers. Now we are following up the matter for early completion of Recognition process. In fact, all this while we were basically concentrating on this issue only.

But the latest developments in continuation to the autocratic decisions taken by the Nominated Member who was also looking after the charge of CEO, is compelling us to react very strongly. If corrective actions are not initiated by the department, this seems to be imminent, to protect the basic benefits of being a Central Govt employee.

You are all aware that we are still struggling for getting the benefits of ACP recommended by the 5th CPC. Meanwhile we succeeded in convincing the authorities including the then CEO, Prasar Bharati to extend the benefit of MACP to subordinate engineering & programme cadres since we got our replacement scales as on 1.1.2006 on the recommendations of 6th CPC. Most of the members are to get the benefit, eventhough the process of MACP is still moving at a slow pace.

But now, the Inspector of Accounts, O/O DG:AIR has issued an order on 05.03.2012 to AIR stations ‘to withdraw the benefits of MACP (including fixation under FR22, ignoring the promotion of EA to SEA, other consequential benefits like Transport allowance, HRA, LTC etc...) from subordinate Engineering & programme employees and to effect the recovery immediately’. One of the stations, AIR Mangalore, appeared very prompt in effecting the recoveries and issued orders for recovery of amount to the tune of Rs.75,000 from Technicians. We congratulate the employees of Engineering & Programme cadres under the leadership of Shri. Chandrashekhar Shetty and Ms.Florine Roche, of AIR Mangalore, for their strong reaction which compelled the office to withdraw the order for the time being.

The order issued by the Inspector of Accounts says that, “The Prasar Bharati had assigned the job of analysis of salary audit to the Financial Management Research & Resourses Society. The analysis submitted by the FMRRS has brought to the fore cases of overpayment on account of LTC, OTA, Leave Encashment, Wrong fixation of pay etc. The report was discussed in a meeting held under the chairmanship of CEO with various CA firms of Prasar Bharati on 03.01.2012. The CEO has observed that the over payments should be recovered forthwith at one stretch and asked to fix the responsibility for such lapses.”

It is clear from the above said order that the Nominated Member (who was temporarily looking after the charge of CEO) has intentionally taken such a decision to harm the subordinate engineering and programme cadres by directing huge recoveries with the advice of private agencies.

Being a responsible Association we cannot sit idle as a mute spectator when the orders for such a drastic steps are issued by the management.

Accordingly we brought it to the notice of senior officials of PB and we are submitting letter to the new CEO to take necessary steps for withdrawing the anti-employee order issued by the Inspector of Accounts. ADTEA and PSA are also issuing similar letters to the CEO.

If the Management is not withdrawing the orders immediately, we will think over the possibility of strong agitation in consultation with zonal committees and the sister Associations.

Hence I call upon our members to be ready for any lightning call from Central Office compelling the management to withdraw the autocratic order of recovery from employees and thereby to protect our basic rights.

Kindly remember that management will have to listen to the united voice of employees when they are on protest for a just cause with determination. Keep faith in your strength.

                   With warm regards,

                                                      Your own

Anilkumar S
General Secretary

Copy of letter submitted to CEO, Prasar Bharati