Prasar Bharati RR - NFADE protests

CEO, Prasar Bharati called a meeting to discuss the recruitment of employees in Prasar Bharati as per Prasar Bharati Recruitment Rules/ Contractual system. It is learnt that CEO is trying to recruit 3600 employees on 5 year contract basis, in various Direct Recruit posts - in all disciplines, as recommended by the task force constituted by him. It is also learnt that he has managed to get permission from Hon'ble GoM to recruit employees for Prasar Bharati, after projecting an exaggerated picture of financial condition. The general body meeting of the NFADE, held on 18/5/2010 decided to strongly oppose these efforts of Prasar Bharati. We, nearabout 30 representatives of NFADE met CEO ( along with all senior officals like Member (P),DG:AIR, DG:DD, E-IN-C-DD, CE(D) etc)and demanded to stop any movements for the implementation of Prasar Bharati Act and to immediately start the recruitment of regular employees as per the existing RR of the Government of India. we have
personally handed over the letter also. Be ready for any call from the Federation if necessary.

Notice for Meeting     Letter to CEO Repeal PB Act 1990