Report on Discussion in DG Council Meeting of Doordarshan

Meeting of DG Council of DD was held in DG DD office on 27th July 2010.  On behalf of ARTEE following office bearers were present.:

[1]. Sh. Umesh Chandra                     General Secretary
[2]. Sh. Sunil Thapliyal                        Addl.Gen.Secy.
[3]. Sh. Rajesh Gautam                      Member DG Council (Doordarshan)

Details of discussion on Agenda and other points are given below :

[1]. Implementation of the points raised in previous meeting was reviewed and ARTEE expressed its displeasure on the slow and unsatisfactory implementation. DG DD assured to expedite the implementation.

(a). Review of Categorization of Stations : Association raised the issue of reviewing the categorization of some of the stations in North East on demand of staff there and declaration of difficult stations in Naxalite effected areas of like Dantewada etc W.Bengal, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand  and other states. DG DD asked to submit Associations point of view on the subject with stations and it will be reviewed.

(b). Irregularity in holding LISCC Meetings : ARTEE raised the issue of that Stations are not holding the LISCC Meeting at stations despite instructions from DG DD. Chair instructed the Administration to look into that matter.

(c ). Shifting of DD News from CPC Delhi to Doordarshan Bhawan : Shifting is done without proper disbursement of Staff and CPC is suffering while there are more than required staff in News. The issue of transferring the staff and simultaneously calling staff on tour from other stations and thus causing double expenditure also raised. DG DD asked Engg. Wing to look into the matter.

(d). OTA limit and pending OTA in payments : ARTEE raised the issue that stations are granting OTA benefit as per there own assumptions since there is no clarification issued by DG DD about the maximum limit of Salary eligible for OTA. The Chair assured that instructions will be issued from DG. Regarding pending OTA  DG DD instructed to clear it as funds are received from Prasar Bharati.

(e). Staffing problems of LPFM installed in LPTs. : Zonal CEs are asked to submit their recommendations but not comments received. DG DD asked Engg. Wing to ask Zonal CEs to give their comments on the issue.

[2]. It was told that HR related issued by DG AIR are implemented late in Doordarshan and henceforth DD staff suffers in welfare measures. Chair assured and issued instructions that DG order for all orders issued by DG AIR as cadre controlling authority will be issued within 15 days.

[3]. Implementation on basis of Web copies of orders. : It was decided to upload the signed copies of the orders on website so that it can be implemented quickly in Doordarshan.

[4]. Allotment of vacant staff qtrs. to the staff of surrounding stations.: It was pointed out that staff transfers from one station to another even under same DMC or working in nearby stations are not being allotted qtrs despite laying vacant. Chair assured that conditional interim allotment may be done if qtrs are vacant.

[5]. Delay in disbursement of funds in heads other than Salary : ARTEE raised the issue of scarcity of funds in all heads except Salary due to which it is difficult to run the establishments. Chair assured that matter is being pursued in Prasar Bharati and soon funds are expected.

[6]. Slow implementation of MACP and Missing CRs in DD : It was told by ARTEE that benefit of MACP could not be granted to AEs and others staff due to missing CR which were sent to either to UPSC or DG AIR. It was also informed that in O/o CE(NZ) around 200 CRs are pending to be reviewed. The Chair instructed Smt. Sadhna Kumar D.E.(Engg) to look into the matter and if CRs are missing it get filled by present authority of a person.

[7]. Posting at One year station of same person more than once. : Asstn pointed out that some Engg. Staff is getting the privilege of getting posting at one yr. tenure station more than once while others are being denied and opined that one person should get this chance only once. It was assured to look into the matter.

[8]. Compassionate Appointments in DD : Association raised that compassionate ground appointments are pending in DD. Chair informed that efforts are on to offer these appointments as per DOPT Guidelines of 5% of the total recruitment but since so many cases are the pending it is taking time.

[9]. Compensation to the helper working in LPT Ichalkaranji died in communal clash and Helper injured in Bomb Blast in Guwahati. Association raised the issue and it was informed that Issue of ex gratia compensation apart from departmental provisions is under active persuasion and soon some relief will be granted.

[10]. Booking of Stingers and private OB vans while not utilizing of production facilities in Bhopal, Dehradoon etc. : Chair informed the house that already she is pursuing the matter of non utilization of equipments while booking from outside. She also visited some the stations.  ARTEE also raised the issue of Technical Audit of Doordarshan. Chair assured that steps are being taken for this also.

[11]. Grant Rs. 2400 GP to Helpers and reversing it in DD : ARTEE raised the issue of granting Rs. 2400 GP to Helpers and reversing it mentioning an audit objection considering the scales granted as per 25.02.1999 as one financial upgradation in Hyderabad and other stations. Similar is the issue for DED and D Tech staff. Association also provide the copy of clarification issued by Min. I & B. Chair instructed DDG (A) to look into the matter.

.[12]. ARTEE raised the issue of CPF contributions of Some of EAs & Tech. joined and left the deptt. The money contributed by these employees is responsibility of Doordarshan laying with the dept. The Chair viewed it seriously and asked the concerned person to look into the matter.

[13]. Implementation of Rule GFR 257 in DD. : ARTEE informed the house that on persuasion DD issued order to provide certified copy of service book to all sub ordinate staff but stations are denying to implement. Chair asked DDG (A) to look into the matter.

[14]. Delay in declaration of Head of the Station in the event of transfer. ARTEE raised that due to delay in declaring the head of the station in the event of his transfer welfare measures suffer and decisions are not being taken in stations like DDK Coimbatore, Shantiniketan etc. DG DD asked concerned authorities that it should be done quickly so that staff should not suffer.

[15]. Confusion over fixation of Pay under MACP : Association raised the issue that in the lack of clear guidelines from DD Directorate stations are not fixing the pay properly and a confusion is prevailing like fixation of 4600/- and other Grade Pays. It was decide that DD Directorate will issue clear instructions to stations for fixations.

[16]. Welfare Fund for DD Staff : It was pointed out that DD staff should have a welfare fund. DG asked Associations to work positively to implement it. ARTEE shown its sincere concern for the issue and suggested to decide clear modus operandi to make it successful.

Minutes of the meeting are awaited.

                                                                                                                        Umesh Chandra
                                                                                                                        General Secretary