6th Phase of Agitation launched with Dharna on 15th, December, 2009 at AV Bhawan, Delhi

NFADE started its 6th Phase of Agitation with single demand “REPEAL PRASAR BHARATI” with day long dharna in Akaswani Bhawan and in many capital stations.

The dharnas and lunch hour Gate Meetings were attended by large number of participants with enthusiasm and solidarity. The Gate Meeting in Delhi was addressed by leaders of constituent associations like Sh. Anilkumar S, Chairman, Sh. Kulbhushan Bhatia, Secy.Gen., Sh. P.N.Bhakta, Vice Chairman, Sh. V.N.Jha, Vice Chairman, of NFADE and Sh. N.K.Gemini, President CCW Workers Union, Sh. Vinod Kumar, Central Office bearer PSA. All leaders pledged their solidarity and resolve to achieve ultimate goal of taking Akshwani And Doordarshan back in Government fold by repealing Prasar Bharati.

Leaders also informed the gathering about the sinister planning of Prasar Bharati recruiting around 3400 staff through backdoor by Contract Employees which will jeopardize the functioning and break the solidarity of NFADE. It is also resolved to counter this threat of outsourcing and not to allow it at any cost.

The Gate Meeting was hosted by Sh. Umesh Chandra, Gen.Secy., ARTEE and Executive Member Federation.

The next step of NFADE 6th Phase of agitation is to Send views of employees from stations to Chairperson UPA, Hon’ble Prime Minister, Hon’ble Speaker Lok Sabha, Hon’ble Chairman Rajya      Sabha, Hon’ble Leader of Opposition and Hon’ble Minister for I&B through telegrams/ Email/ Fax & with Gate meetings on 08.01.2010 at all stations.

Lets dedicate ourselves to achieve the ultimate Goal.

…….. REPEAL PRASAR BHARATI   ………….. We r determined to achieve it.
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