Gate Meeting in Akashwani Bhawan, New Delhi
National Federation of Akashwani & Doordrashan Employees (NFADE) wholeheartedly express its gratitude and thanks for overwhelming support for mass casual leave, the last step of 6th Phase of Agitation. It was a show of thumping strength of anguish of employees as a result of the uncertainty of past 13 yrs. It was the beginning of the end of Prasar Bharati. It is never happened in history, that CEO of a corporation is pledging that he will take up demand to repeal the act by virtue of which has been corporation is farmed.

To explain the whole scenario a Gate Meeting was organized in Akashwani Bhawan. In the Meeting the leaders expressed their satisfaction and conveyed their gratitude for the unprecedented support. It was told that fight is on and now NFADE will meet H'ble Ministers who are members of H'ble Group of Ministers and will convince them that Prasar Bharati Act has totally lost its relevance and has become redundant. Leaders also condemned the attitude of some of the officers who acted beyond their authority and over reacted while threatening the station heads and their junior officers.