Mass Casual Leave on 17th March, 2010

We are receiving information from across the country that employees have submitted their applications for Mass CL on 17/3/2010. The staff members of AIR & DD who are yet to submit their applications are requested to submit their applications to the Head of Office immediately.

We had one round of discussions with top management such as with DG:AIR on 11/3/2010, CEO along with both DGs, E-in-Cs and other senior officials on 12/3/2010 and with Smt. Ambika Soni, Hon’ble Minister for I&B along with Sh. Mohan Jatua, Hon’ble Minister of State, the Secretary, Spl Secretary, CEO, DGs, E-in-Cs and other seniormost officials on 15/3/2010 met the Federation representatives. As the meetings failed to produce any credible assurance on our demand, it is decided to go ahead with the agitation programme of Mass Casual Leave on 17/3/2010.

Meanwhile we are receiving the reports that orders are issued by the Management to cancel the Mass CL in some places and tour orders are being issued advising some officials to proceed to various places at the time period  of the Mass Casual Leave.

It may kindly be noted that these are the normal formalities of the management whereas we are reacting peacefully to our grievances by taking the Casual Leave on 17/3/2010. Members are advised not to be disturbed with these orders when it is the call from NFADE, and the officials to whom the tour orders are issued can intimate to the office that eventhough they can proceed on tour, they will be on Mass CL on 17/3/2010.

We would like to assure the employees of AIR & DD in general and the members of the constituent Associations/unions of NFADE in particular that we will not allow any type of victimization for their participation in the Mass CL call by NFADE.

On the other hand , we once again request our members to ensure the agitation in a peaceful manner, without giving any room for diversion from the core issue.  

We call upon our members to make all out efforts to
have total impact of the Mass Casual Leave.

Show the strength of Unity!
Ensure the protection of service of AIR DD employees!

With warm regards


Anil Kumar S                                                                           Kulbhushan Bhatia     
Chairman                                                                                Secretary General     

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