NFADE Meeting about Chairman’s Resignation

In meeting held in 9th July 2009 when Sh. Anilkumar S. Chairman submitted his resignation from the post of Chairman NFADE. House requested Sh. Anil to review his decision. Sh. Umesh Chandra, Gen. Secy. ARTEE assured the house that the issue will be discussed in their CWC Meeting and National Convention in Thiruvanathapuram from 2nd  to 4th August 2009.
ARTEE submitted the decision and Resolution of their CWC & National Convention which is reproduced below -

ARTEE/201/09                                                                                                                                                     10.8.09
Sh. Kulbhushan Bhatia,
Secretary General,
National Federation of Akashwani & Doordarshan Employee.
Delhi – 110001
Subject :  Resolution of CWC and National Convention of ARTEE.

Dear Shri Bhatia,
Hope this letter of mine will find you in good health and cheer. Pl. take reference of the NFADE meeting held on 09th July 2009 wherein,  house requested Sh. Anilkumar S., President ARTEE to reconsider his decision of resigning from the post of Chairman, NFADE. ARTEE assured you to revert back on the issue , after the meeting of Central Working Committee and National Convention in Thiruvanathapuram and outcome thereof.
In Central Working Committee meeting the issue was discussed threadbare in brain storming session. After a long debate a unanimous resolution was adopted.  I hereby convey you the Resolution.
“That in the broader interests and to protect common interests of the employees of the organization,  keeping aside the concerns of ARTEE, house resolved unanimously that Sh. Anilkumar S. should withdraw his resignation from Chairmanship of National Federation. ARTEE will continue to take up its issues from our own platform.”
In the light of the resolution adapted, you are requested to call a meeting of NFADE at the earliest to take necessary action.
                                                                                Thanking You,
                                                                                                                                     Yours faithfully,
                                                                                                                                      [Umesh Chandra]
                                                                                                                                     General Secretary
Cc for information to :         [1]. Sh. Sanjay Kumar, Vice Chairman, NFADE
                                          [2]. Sh. V.N.Jha, Vice Chairman, NFADE
                                          [3]. Sh. P.K.Singh, Acting Chairman, NFADE,
                                          [4]. Records  

A meeting of Federation was called on 26th Aug’09 where Sh. Anilkumar S. President, ARTEE withdrawn his resignation, house applauded the decision and resolve to work united to protect common interests of Employees of AIR & DD.