Recognition of Associations on Top Priority: No Compromise!

Dear Comrades/ Friends/ Colleagues,

As you are aware, we have submitted all records proving that the recognition of our Associations is intact. We are determined to fight it out to ensure protection to our Associations from further such attacks.

We are fighting the matter on all fronts; Organisationally, Politically & Legally.

Meanwhile management is reflecting in all its efforts to show that the fight is for protection of some individual office bearers but not for Association.

But our main concern is to protect our Associations from such autocratic steps by some officials. It is a fact that once Association is protected, it can take care of the welfare measures of each and every member, which is the basic concept of the formation of Association as per the JCM scheme.

Under these circumstances, we have decided not to bow down before the management on the issue of transfer of office bearers. It is also decided to concentrate only on the issue of restoration of Recognition of the Association. Accordingly it is decided that the office bearers will join at their respective stations to strengthen this point.

All of you are requested to be in touch with the office bearers, as shortly we are starting next phase of agitation which includes March to Rashtrapati Bhawan/ Parliament/ Raj Bhawan.

We have decided to inform all the political leaders, irrespective of any parties, about the anti democratic steps by Prasar Bharati to crush the employees Associations in AIR & Doordarshan. Let us make it a public debate that in 21st Century, can AIR&DD run by the management without representatives of employees & redressal system even at unit level

We are confident that Democracy will win over autocracy as assured by the Hon’ble leaders of the Society.

Ultimate victory will be ours! Be ready for next call from Central Office.

Be united to protect our Associations at any cost.