SSS Meeting with Addl. Secy. (B) and Nominated Member

SSS held an hour long meeting in Shastri Bhawan with Addl. Secy. (B) Sh. Rajiv Takru, the presence of Joint Secy. (B) Sh. Arvind Kumar.   SSS clearly conveyed in strongest terms not to accept the withdrawal of 25/02/1999 agreement.

Served Agitation Notice as per SSS letter SSS/21/06/2011 28/06/2011 available on,  & www.

Addl.Secy.(B) assured that in the Meeting of Hon’ble GOM It was clearly told to the Member Ministers of GOM the pros and cons of withdrawing 25/02/1999 agreement and GOM instructed the Ministry to hold discussion with Employees Associations and Employee representatives will be given a fair chance to place their view point. He also assured that after receiving the minutes of Hon’ble GOM concerned Employee Association will be called. He reiterated that no decision on withdrawal of 25/02/1999 will be taken without taking all pros and cons into account.

SSS also argued that Minutes of 25/05/2011 Meeting with Addl. Secy. (B) are not issued. AS(B) assured that Minutes will be issued in next two three days.

Meeting was attended by Sh. Umesh Chandra, President, ARTEE, Sh. Bharat Lal, President, ADTEA, Sh. Sanjay Kumar, President PSA, Sh. Anilkumar S., Gen.Secy. ARTEE, Sh. Kulbhushan Bhatia, Gen. Secy. ADTEA, Sh. Santosh Nahar, Vice President. PSA

Prior to this in its SSS resolved not to allow withdrawal of 25th Feb 1999 Agreement and prepared an Agitation Program.

Click here for Agitation Notice