6th CPC - FOR All

On the information that PB Management were planning to take employees joining after 1997, into the fold of PB by depriving them the benefit of 6th CPC from the Govt. NFADE approached CEO with the letter attached below.
CEO in the meeting confirmed that it was proposed for the agenda for the PB Board meeting scheduled for tomorrow (10/9/08). But he assured us, that this will not be in the agenda and assured that entire employees of AIR/DD, irrespective of their date of joining will be given the benefits of 6th CPC report, as central Govt. employees.

NFADE/ CEO/ 2008/09                                                                                                   Date:09/09/08

Sh.Baljit Singh Lalli
CEO, Prasar Bharati,
New Delhi-110001.

Sub: Retention of employees and assets of AIR&DD with the Govt.
Ref: proposed PB Board meeting on 10/9/2008


It is learnt that a proposal is being mooted for discussion in the forthcoming meeting of the Prasar Bharati Board, scheduled for 10th September 2008 regarding the implementation of pay revision as per the report of 6th Central Pay Commission. It is learnt that Prasar Bharati is planning to extend the benefit of the 6th CPC to the employees joined after 1997, on behalf of Prasar Bharati only, by considering them as the employees of Prasar Bharati.
We would like to bring into your kind notice that we have already pointed out in the meeting with Secretary, Ministry of I&B, in the presence of member Personnel, PBB that the employees of AIR&DD as on today are all Central Govt employees as all the posts in AIR & DD are still on the rolls of Govt of India.
In the last meeting of the committee, headed by Secretary, Ministry of I&B, it was agreed that the proposal from five NFADE members of the committee for retention of employees & Assets with Government will be placed before the Hon'ble GoM in next meeting. We were expecting that the Hon'ble GoM will take a decision in favour of the employees.
But, unfortunately it seems that Prasar Bharati Board is going to decide the fate of the employees, in total negligence of the DOP&T rules and even not waiting for the decision of Hon'ble GoM on this very sensitive issue.
The employees are very much agitated and thereby we would like to inform your good office that this Federation will be compelled to start nationwide agitation immediately and we will not be responsible for any interruption in services.
With best regards,

(V.N Jha)                                                                                                         (Anilkumar S)
Vice Chairman                                                                                                  Chairman

Copy for kind information:

1. Sh.Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi, Hon'ble Minister for I&B, New Delhi
2. Smt.Sushma Singh IAS, Secretary, Min.of I&B, New Delhi
3. Sh. Arun Bhatnagar, Chairman, Prasar Bharati Board, New Delhi
4. Hon'ble Members, Prasar Bharati Board, New delhi
5. Sh.Jayalal, Director General, All India Radio, New Delhi
6. Ms.Norin Naqvi, Director General, Doordarshan, New Delhi