"Fixation of EA (Rs. 6500-7450)"

Dear ARTEEians,

Central Office has been recieving querries about fixation of EAs working in the pre revised scale of Rs. 6500 in 7450 scale. DDK Delhi has issued Fixation order in 7450 scale for one Engg. Asstt. which is being displayed here for the benefit of our Members. The order is issued as per "FIRST SCHEDULE Part- B Section-I of Revised Pay Rules 2008 and in pursuance of Director General All India Radio order no. 14(18)2011-SIV(A) 08.02.2012 and 12.04.2012 hence the fixation is well supported by the required orders" . Our Members who are falling in this criteria can appraoch there station heads for granting them the same. Meanwhile efforts are on to grant the same benefit to our Members who are woking the scale of Rs. 5000-8000.

Umesh Chandra,

President, ARTEE