ARTEE Central Office wholeheartedly congratulates and expresses its gratitude for reposing the trust in the strength of Organization once again in submitting RSA Authorization forms.  More than 6600 Comrades gave their option for ARTEE. Nearly 3000 new submissions were received in last five days. This response has infused fresh blood of enthusiasm in leadership and in members. The undeterred ARTEE is not going to succumb to any odd. But the process is not over and there is not time to rest.  Now our complete focus will be that verification process is completed as early as possible. We once again assure our esteemed members that we will not take a breath of relief till we get our Recognition back.

                                                          LONG LIVE ARTEE
                                                          Comradely Yours
            Anil kumar  S.                                                                      Umesh Chandra
          General Secretary                                                                        President


           Click here for Receipt of RSA submission letter to Prasar Bharati.