As mentioned in SSS circular dated13/02/2004, we have decided to fight against the move of Prasar Bharati and Government to deploy personnel on contract basis instead of filling up the vacant posts. Though they are planning this for some new projects now, the future vacancies in all cadres will be filled up in this way. There will not be any promotions also as they are planning the contractual system not only against direct entry cadre but for all cadres. It was started in the name of DD News, which was launched on 3rd November 2003. The strong protest from the entire engineering employees of Central Production Center (CPC) Delhi has compelled the authorities to go ahead with regular employees only and the system continues till today. We appreciate the engineering staff of CPC for being united and for taking pain in accepting additional responsibilities till they got additional staff. Meanwhile we had detailed discussions with both the E-in-Cs, Head of DD News and CEO. In these meeting we have demanded the authorities to take necessary steps to get the vacant posts filled on regular manner with in a time frame and demand for sanction of posts for new projects. We assured them that till the time of filling up these posts we will take additional burden, if necessary, for the betterment of the organisation. Though authorities were extending positive response, we were shocked to know that Directorate of AIR has prepared a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with BECIL for the operation and Maintenance of New Broadcasting House, New Delhi, without any regular employee. In addition to that in the meeting held on 11th February 2004, CEO categorically stated that he will go for outsourcing even if we are managing the show with regular staff. This exposed the real game plan of the authorities and then we have no other way but to come out and fight for our existence in this department. Accordingly we have prepared our agitation programme and circulated it on 13/2/04. Our demands are:
1. Stop deployment of personnel on contract basis in AIR & DD
2. Fill up vacant posts within a time frame
3. Re-start departmental council meetings
4. Notional Pay fixation for Technician and Sr.Technician
5. Merger of DED, Diesel Tech and Mast Technician
6. Grant of Selection Grade for AE.

The first phase of agitation was a grand success in educating our members as well as to give a warning to the authorities. We have organised Lunch hour Gate meetings in front of Akashvani Bhavan on 23/03/04 and at Doordarshan Bhavan on 08/04/04.The huge gathering in both meetings proved how serious our members are on the issue of deployment of personnel on contract basis instead of filling up regular vacancies. The print media has given wide publicity of the agitation and our issues. As called upon through the circular issued by SSS, Telegrams and Fax messages poured upon the Ministry and Prasar Bharati secretariat. The Zonal Offices were also charged by organising Gate meetings at all Zonal headquarters on 08/04/04. The gate meetings at 35 major cities across the country, along with five Zonal headquarters ignited the momentum through out the country. The strong response in all these meeting has sent tremors to the authorities on the reality that the entire engineering employees throughout the nation are awaken to fight out outsourcing and there by to protect the existence of regular employees. The next phase will include all units and the programme will be intimated in time. Be read for the fight for our existence. Other wise it will go with us only.
              Let us forget differences, forget other issues for the time being; Let us be united! Let us fight it out! Let us save our jobs! Our future!
              We are not alone now; the entire employees of AIR & Doordarshan, under the umbrella of National Federation of Akashvani & Doordarshan Employees (NFADE), have taken up this issue as one of its major agenda.