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No.14/37/2003-SIV (A),                                                                        dated 15.72004

                 SUB: Clarification regarding implementation of ACP Scheme to the Subordinate Engineering Cadres

A number of references have been received from various AIR Stations/ Offices and zonal offices seeking clarification on the implementation of ACP scheme.

2. The proposal has been considered in consultation with the Integrated Finance Division of M/O I&B and the Deptt. Of personnel and Training. In pursuance of O.M. No. 310/173/97-B (D), dated the 25th Feb., 1999 issued by the M/O of I&B, the DOP&T has stated that it is clear that the higher scale to the existing incumbents for serving in Prasar Bharati and with condition that they will opt for Prasar Bharati does not amount to grant of upgraded pay scales for the relevant posts per se, which continue to be in scales recommended by the Vth Central Pay Commission. The DOP&T has agreed that the clarification No.35 [five vide DP&T OM No. 35034/1/97-Estt.(D) (Vol.IV)] would not apply in the present case.
3. Further, the DOP&T has advised that the claim for entitlement under ACPs may be examined w.r.t. the Pay structure of the hierarchy as per recommendation of the Vth Central Pay Commission. They have mentioned that if the higher scale to existing incumbents corresponds to next higher grade of hierarchy, the same may be offset against the claim for ACPs. If it is lower than next higher grade in the hierarchy, the claim may be processed for grant of higher hierarchical scale under ACPs.
4. Under ACP scheme it is inter-alia mentioned that the first financial upgradation will be allowed after 12 years of regular service and the second upgradation after 12 years of service from the date of first financial upgradation. If the first upgradation gets postponed on account of the employee not found fit or due to departmental proceedings etc., this would have consequential effect on the second upgradation which would also get deferred accordingly. Further if an employee has already got one regular promotion, he shall qualify for the second upgradation only on completion of 24 years of regular service. In case two prior promotions on regular basis have already been received by an employee, no benefit under the scheme shall accrue to him.
5. In view of the advice tendered by the DP&T and keeping in view the other conditions applicable to ACP scheme all the AIR Stations/ Offices/ Zonal Offices are advised to act accordingly.

(O.P. Guliani)
Dy. Director of Admn. (E)
Ph. No. 23421996

All the Zonal Offices/ All AIR Stations/ Offices

Copy to: The DG: Doordarshan (Shri D.K. Gupta, Director, Engg.) for information and necessary action.