AE to ASE promotions- A Short Note

Every body knows that AE to ASE promotions were not taking place for the last five years due to various court cases. First there was a case filed by direct recruit ASEs for their seniority from back date (which has subsequently been granted to them, some of them have even been granted seniority from their college days). After settlement of this case, the case of Sh. Nadir, Hemant Malhotra and others came up and ARTEE fought it very strongly upto the Supreme Court and got some positive advice from the court to find out some other means to remove the stagnation of Diploma Holder AEs. Accordingly we are trying to get the Selection Grade as a short-term measure and promotion on the basis of differential length of service. It is a fact that in accordance with the rules (normally called as Saving Clause) any change in the Recruitment Rules will affect only from prospective date and will be effective only for the future vacancies. The net effect, after the verdict of the Hon'ble Supreme Court on 05/12/03, is 'whenever (even if after some years) the promotion comes for the posts from AE to ASE for the vacancies as on today, will be filled up by the rules existing today'. Accordingly Directorate sent the files to Ministry and the approval upto the level of Secretary took place in time. It came to our notice only in the last week of March that Minister is not signing the file only due to Election code of conduct. Then we were compelled to interfere for the larger interests of our entire cadres because if that list cleared before 31st March, then 66 candidates who performed very well in the last exam but could not be promoted due to lack of vacancies (person with 224 marks was also in the waiting list) will get a chance. Further to this consecutive posts will be available for the entire chain upto Helper.

Sh. Sant Ram
Sh. Bhaskar Basu
Sh. Gairik Kumar Guha
Sh. T.Chandra Rao
Sh. Shiv Shankar Reddy
Sh. B.K.Rai
Sh. Sheo kumar
Sh. Vinod C.Khedekar
Sh. Ramachandra G.Gawde
Sh.Anmol Deepak Khalko
Sh. Raja Ram Sharma
Sh. M.G.Harikrishnan Nair
Sh. R.S. Venkatesha
Sh.Brindaben Patra
Sh.Ananta Kumar Lenka
Sh. H.S.Mourya
Sh. Pradeep Gupta
Sh.Navin Chandra Joshi
Sh. Mahipal Singh Negi
Sh.Swapan Kumar Ray
Sh. R.K. Singh
Sh. S. Salahuddin
DDK Delhi
O/O CE (EZ), Kolkotta
DDK, Kolkotta
DDK, Hyderabad
AIR, Hyderabad
DDK Patna
AIR, Patna
AIR, SPT, Bambolim, Panaji
AIR, Altino, Panaji
AIR, Ranchi
DD, HPTV, Jamshedpur
AIR, Bangalore
DDK Bangalorr
AIR, Cuttack
DDK Bhubaneshwar
AIR, Varanasi
DDK, Lucknow
LPTV, Nainidanda
AIR, Pauri
AIR, Siliguri
PGF, Jalpaiguri
AIR Indore
AIR Jabalpur/ DDK Bhopal
Joint Secretary (Helper) - North Zone
Assistant Secretary (Organising) - East Zone
Assistant Secretary (Publicity) - East Zone
Organising Secretary (Andhra Pradesh)
Publicity Secretary (Andhra Pradesh)
Organising Secretary (Bihar)
Publicity Secretary (Bihar)
Organising Secretary (Goa)
Publicity Secretary (Goa)
Organising Secretary (Jharkhand)
Publicity Secretary (Jharkhand)
Organising Secretary (Karnataka)
Publicity Secretary (Karnataka)
Organising Secretary (Orissa)
Publicity Secretary (Orissa)
Organising Secretary (Uttar Pradesh)
Publicity Secretary (Uttar Pradesh)
Organising Secretary Uttaranchal)
Publicity Secretary (Uttaranchal
Organising Secretary (West Bengal)
Publicity Secretary (West Bengal)
Orgsnising Secretary (MP)
Publicity Secretary (MP)

Newsletter of Association of Radio and Television Engineering Employees (ARTEE).
Printed and Published on behalf of ARTEE by Sh. Rabin Dasgupta (President). Editor Sh.Sunil Thapliyal