XIV National Convention

Dear Comrades,

            By this time you may be already aware that 14th National Convention of ARTEE is being organised at Chennai.

            South Zone committee under the dynamic leadership of Sh.R.Raman, Vice President has shown a rare gesture to organise the Convention in a short time. This National Convention is being held when there is a great uncertainty prevailing in our department.

            AIR & Doordarshan is passing through an unprecedented state. The adverse effect of very long transition is evident in day to day working of our employees.

            Since the notification of Prasar Bharati Act the entire staff is facing unprecedented miseries.

Apart from financial problems, administrative blockades are surfacing. The platform for redressal of grievances is no more in place since 1997.The staff is under dual control that of Prasar Bharati and the Government apart from the Departmental authorities.

            Over 5 years it is now an established fact that the Corporation is not even financially viable.

There is no recruitment whatsoever, resulting in acute shortage of staff. Even now stations are installed mainly on political considerations. Yet we flash the “autonomy card”.

            The Engineering/Technical cadres are facing the main brunt. The promotions are extremely slow, stagnation in almost every cadre is staring. Zones and even many Stations/Kendras are running without proper level officers for years together bringing unprecedented administrative misery for the grass root staff.  

            Entry level recruitments have come to a halt for last so many years resulting in rise in the average age of the Employees.   On this pretext “outsourcing” is being repeatedly attempted.

            There are many other important issues pertaining to welfare and future of this organisation which require immediate attention.

            On one hand we do not have funds to maintain our installation on the other hand we are providing free DTH platform, against the very concept of DTH. When Doordarshan set up needs to adopt Digital Technology to match with the development of Television technology in developing countries we are spending a huge amount on “AUTOMATION OF LPTVs” project in analog domain may be to minimise the manpower only..

            To debate, discuss and adopt a charter of demands we expect that the National Convention will be well attended and new ideas will flow from our distinguished delegates so that we are in a position to suggest the departments so that the efficiency and credibility of the largest electronic media in the world can flourish in the future and meet the aspirations of this great country.

            All the units of AIR & Doordarshan are hereby requested to work for the success of the ensuing National Convention.

            We have above 200 Radio stations and more than 1200 LPTV/HPTV/PGF/Kendras. Please gauge your enormous power to raise funds for this CONVENTION.

            All of you are in a position to collect some advertisement for the Special Issue of FILAMENT.

            Also we appeal each member to donate for the convention fund.

The Unit Secretaries must have received donation coupons and contract forms for advertisements. Let us appeal to each other to devote 2 hours daily towards fund collection, the result will speak itself.

            If the materials is not received by any unit please send an SMS or make a call to ARTEE South Zone Convention Office.

            We are privileged to have a team of office bearers across the country. All are very conscious and able leaders with rare potentiality.

The Convenor has given a target to all the office bearers. Please take the appeal of the Vice-President South Zone and Convenor of the National Convention with all seriousness and fulfill the target.

            This will go a long way for a successful convention at Chennai on 28,29 & 30 September 2005.

                                    Please send agenda points at the earliest.

(Anilkumar S)
General Secretary