DPC Guidelines

Copy of the order from the Department of Personnel and Training on the revised DPC guidelines is reproduced below. ARTEE through its letter no ARTEE/GS/DG(AIR)/2005/07 dated 17/06/05 has requested Director General, AIR to ensure the necessary modifications in the Recruitment Rules for Engineering Cadres wherever applicable.

No.35035/7/97-Estt(D),Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (Department of Personnel and Training) New Delhi -110001                                                  February 16,2005.


Subject:- DPC Guidelines - No supersession in promotions-regarding.

The undersigned is directed to refer to DOP&T OM No.35034/7/97-Estt(D) dated 8.2.2002 on the above noted subject and to say that in accordance with the decision of the Government not to permit supersessions in promotions, all Ministries/Departments were requested to take immediate steps to amend the Service/Recruitment Rules of various services/posts/grades so as to appropriately incorporate the mode of promotion as 'selection' in place of 'selection by merit' and 'selection -cum- seniority', as the case may be, to bring them in conformity with the above decision of the Government and to make promotions accordingly. To facilitate the amendments to the relevant Service Rules/Recruitment Rules, consultation with DoP&T before carrying out the required amendments was dispensed with.

2. It has been brought to the notice of this Department by the UPSC that the Ministries/Departments have not initiated action to amend the Service Rules/Recruitment Rules and the Commission is being requested to hold DPCs in accordance with existing Service Rules which provide for supersessions. Accordingly, the Commission has decided that any proposal for DPC, which is received and found to be against the revised policy instructions, will be returned to the Ministries/Departments. A proposal would be considered only when the relevant Service Rules/Recruitment Rules were amended as envisaged in the DoP&T O.M dated 8.2.2002.

4. As orders in the matter were issued almost 3 years back, a situation where the Rules have still not been amended in conformity with the above decision of the Government cannot be justified or allowed to continue. All Ministries/departments are, accordingly, requested to ensure that they review all Recruitment /Service Rules and carry out amendments in conformity with the decision contained in DoP&T O.M.dated 8.2.2002 through a time bound exercise.

5.a status report in this regard may be furnished to this Department latest by 31st may 2005. The decision of the UPSC may also be noted.

(Alok Saxena)

To: All Ministries /Departments of the Government of India.

[Refer SwamysnewS April 2002 (page numbers 13 to 17; chapters 57 & 58) for the existing & revised guidelines. (Excerpts available at www.arteeindia.org also)]