Minutes of the Meeting held Chief Engineer (D)


No.5/6/2005-S-IV(B)/452                                                          29th July 2005

Sub:Minutes of the Meeting held on 14.7.2005 with the representatives of ARTEE.

A meeting was held on 14.7.2005 with the representatives of ARTEE in the chamber of Shri.D.K.Bandyopadhyay, Chief Engineer (Dev.). The list of participants who attended the meeting is annexed.
The following points were discussed in the above meeting:

1. Transfer of AEs: The association showed their strong resentment on the delay in the issue of transfer list for AEs. CE(D) explained the reasons for the delay.The association demanded that any bulk transfer list should be issued only in the month of January/February so that education of children of the persons concerned can be planned. They further mentioned that any bulk transfer list at this stage would be counter productive and highly inconvenient. The association further suggested that for the present only the urgent cases might be considered. CE(D) agreed to look into this suggestion.The association demanded that the transfer list on the above lines should be issued immediately.
Action:Director (P&EA)

2. Association reiterated that the latest guidelines from DoPT should be followed for the DPC likely to be held shortly for SEA to AE promotion. The association was assured that the DoPT guidelines as applicable for this case would be followed.
Action: Director Engg.(EPM)/Director(P&EA)

3. The association showed their resentment on delay in publication of the eligibility list for SEA to AE promotion as well as AE to ASE promotion. They demanded these lists should be issued and put on AIRNET urgently.

Action: Director Engg.(EPM)/Director(P&EA)/SO-SIV(B)

4. The association also suggested that the result of SEA to AE examination to be made available on AIRNET even before holding the DPCs. CE(D) agreed that this point will be examined.

Action:Director (EPM)

5. The association stressed that the proposal for promotion from AE to ASE on differential length of service should be put up immediately.CE(D) informed that one such proposal has been moved recently. The association demanded to see the proposal and discuss the same.CE(D) agreed that Dir.Engg.(EPM) may hold a discussion on this issue with the representatives of the Association.

Action:ARTEE/Director (EPM)

6. It was mentioned that in the notifications for the Departmental Examination,etc., issued by STI(T), the name of the East Zone should also appear even if there are no vacancies in the Zone in the particular cadre in the particular year.

Action: CE(Trg.)

7. It was also demanded rthat the case of promotions from EA to SEA, pending with the Directorate, may be cleared without any further delay.The association was informed that some information from NZ was awaited. CE(D) directed that a DO letter might be issued to the concerned Chief Engineer for immediate action.

Action: Director Engg.(EPM)/ /SO-SIV(B)

The meeting ended with the vote of thanks to the Chair

(Yuvraj Bajaj)
Director Engineering(EPM)