Re-classification of cities / towns on the basis of 2001

Copy of OM No.2(21)/E.II(B).2004 dated 18 November, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure.

Sub: Re-classification of cities / towns on the basis of 2001 Census-grant of House Rent Allowance (HRA) and Compensatory(City) Allowance (CCA) to Central Government Employees.

The under signed is directed to refer to this Ministry's OM No.2(30)/E.II(B)/97 dt.3.10.97 relating to grant of Compensatory(City) Allowance and House Rent Allowance to Central Government Employees on the recommendations of 5th Pay Commission whereby a list of cities/towns classified as 'A-1', 'A', 'B-1'and 'B-2' for the purpose of CCA was enclosed as Annexure-I and another list of cities/towns classified as 'A-1', 'A', 'B-1','B-2' and 'C' for the purpose of HRA was enclosed as Annexure - II. The matter relating to reclassification of cities/towns on the basis of census 2001 for the purpose of grant of HRA/CCA to Central Government employees has been considered by the Government.

2. The President is pleased to decide that in supersession of all the existing orders relating to classification of cities/towns for the purpose of grant of HRA/CCA to Central Government employees, cities/towns shall now be reclassified as 'A-1', 'A', 'B-1'and 'B-2' for the purpose of CCA as enumerated in Annexure-I and as 'A-1', 'A', 'B-1','B-2' and 'C' class for the purpose of HRA as enumerated in Annexure - II to these orders.

3. The special orders relating to grtant of HRA/CCA in localities as listed in para 3 of this Ministry's OM No.2(2)/E.II(B)/93 dtd.14.5.93 shall continue to be applicable. The special orders issued vide OM No.2(10)/91-E.II(B) dated 5.2.98 for grant of HRA at 'B-2' class city rates within the municipal limits of Jammu city, OM No.2(30)/97-E.II(B) dt.18.5.98 relating to classification of Calcutta & Chennai as 'A-1' class for grant of HRA and OM No.2(3)/E.II(B)/04 dt.1.3.2004 for classification of Goa, Port Blair and other areas of Andaman&Nicobar Island and Lakshadweep group of Islands shall also continue to be applicable.

4. These orders shall take effect from 1.4.2004.

5. In their application to employees serving in the Indian Audit and accounts department, these orders issue after consultation with the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

Annexure- I to OM No.2(21)/E.II(B).2004 dated 18.11.2004

List of 'A-1', 'A', 'B-1' and 'B-2' class cities where compensatory (City) Allowance is admissible to Central Government Employees.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

Name of State/U.T.      A-1                                  A                                              B-1                                              B-2     

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

Andhra Pradesh      Hyderabad (UA)               -                                               Vijayawada(UA)                  Warangal(UA)

                                                                                                                                Vishakhapatnam(UA)         Guntur

Assam                       -                                           -                                               -                                               Guwahati(UA)

Bihar                          -                                           -                                               Patna(UA)                                             -

Chandigarh              -                                           -                                               -                                               Chandigarh

Chhatisgarh             -                                           -                                               -                                               Durg-Bhilai Nagar(UA)

Delhi                          Delhi(UA)                          -                                               -                                               -

Gujarat                       -                                           Ahmedabad(UA)               Rajkot(UA)                               Jamnagar(UA)

                                                                                Surat(UA)                              Vadodara(UA)                      Bhavnagar(UA)
Haryana                     -                                           -                                               Faridabad                             -              

Jammu&Kashmir   -                                           -                                               -                                               Srinagar(UA)

Jharkhand                 -                                           -                                               Jamshedpur(UA)               Ranchi(UA)


Karnataka                Bangalore(UA) -                                               -                                                              Belgaum(UA)


                                                                                                                                                                                Mangalore(UA)                                                                                                                                                                                                     Mysore(UA)

Kerala                        -                                           -                                               Kochi(UA)                              Kozhikode(UA)


Madhya  Pradesh    -                                           -                                               Jabalpur(UA)                        Gwalior(UA)



Maharashtra             Greater Mumbai(UA)       Nagpur(UA)                          Nasik(UA)                             Amravati, Solapur

                                                                                Pune(UA)                                                                              Aurangabad(UA)



Orissa                        -                                           -                                               -                                               Cuttack(UA)


Pondicherry              -                                           -                                               -                                               Pondicherry(UA)

Punjab                       -                                           -                                               Amritsar(UA)                         Jalandhar(UA)


Rajasthan                -                                            Jaipur                                     -                                               Bikanir,Jodhpur,Kota

Tamilnadu                Chennai (UA)                   -                                               Coimbatore(UA)                  Salem(UA),

                                                                                                                                Madurai(UA)                         Tirupattur(UA)


Uttaranchal                -                                          -                                               -                                               Dehradun(UA)

Uttar Pradesh            -                                          Lucknow(UA)                        Meerut(UA),Agra(UA)          Moradabad,Ghaziabad

                                                                                Kanpur(UA)                           Allahabad(UA)                      Aligarh,Bareilly(UA)

                                                                                                                                Varanasi(UA)                        Gorakhpur

West Bengal              Kolkata(UA)                     -                                               Asansol(UA)                         -


Annexure II To OM No.2(21)/EII(B)/2004 dt.18.11.2004- List of 'A-1','A', 'B-1', 'B-2' and 'C' class cities where House Rent Allowance is admissible to Central Government Employees will be continued in next issue.

We welcome the Gujarat state committee of NFADE under the coordinator ship of Sh.Prabhakar Varshney. We are expecting the report from other States and Zones.