Recommendation of the Sub Committee on issues regarding implementation of DoPT's Package in Broadcasting Sector in Kashmir Valley

DG (AIR) constituted a sub-committee on 24-08-2004 under the chairmanship of Dr. V.K. Singh, CE(D), AIR to discuss the issues relating to implementation of DoPT's instructions to the staff posted at Radio Stations and Doordarshan Centres in Kashmir Valley keeping in mind the peculiar working conditions in manning the Broadcasting centres in the valley.

The composition of the Sub-Committee is as follows:

Dr. V.K. Singh, CE(D)-AIR Chairman
Sh. N.S. Ganeshan, CE(DD) Member
Sh. G.G. Saxena, DDG(A) DD Member
Sh. Uday Sahay, DDG(A) AIR Member
One Representative of ARTEE Member

The first meeting of the Sub-Committee was held on 26-08-2004 under the Chairmanship of Dr. V.K. Singh. Following members attended the meeting.

Sh. Uday Sahay DDG(A)-AIR
Sh. Yuvraj Bajaj DE(EPM) AIR
Sh. D.K. Gupta DE (DG-DD)
Sh. Pradeep Gaur DD(A) (DG-DD)
Sh. Anilkumar S Gen Sec (ARTEE)
Sh. Kuldeep Bhan VP(AIR)-ARTEE

Sh. N.S. Ganeshan, CE(Doordarshan) and Sh. G.G. Saxena DDG(A), Doordarshan could not attend the meeting.

Subsequent to the above meeting, the representatives of ARTEE met the Chairman of the Sub-Committee number of times and made some suggestions for giving some relief to the staff working in confinement at stations in Kashmir Valley. Based on the above, the sub-committee recommends as follows:
(A) For Officials posted from outside the Valley:
1.     DoPT's instructions have to be implemented. However, these need some modifications as to their application to the broadcasting sector as enumerated in these recommendations. The tenure of posting will be one year. For the staff posted in Srinagar valley, the Headquarters will be Srinagar.
2.      The difficulties experienced by the staff in broadcasting sector posted in Kashmir valley due to continuous confinement at respective stations were considered. It was unanimously agreed that working under such conditions of confinement would badly affect the psyche and morale of the staff that would in turn reflect in their work and output. As such, in the interest of the organization, it is essential to provide some relief in respect of confinement to the staff posted in such conditions.
3.     The sub-committee unanimously agreed that in order to provide relief to such staff members, the official concerned should perform one month's continuous duty at the stations of posting and then has to be utilized at some other Kendra/ Station for next one month to break the confinement. This cycle would be repeated throughout the official's tenure at Srinagar.

There were lot of discussions on the place of duty where the staff should be utilized during break in confincement from Kashmir Valley. Initially, in the meeting held on 26-08-2004, the Association sought some more time for indicating an acceptable procedure to be followed in this regard. Now the Association has given their opinion and had suggested that one of the following alternatives may be followed for utilizing the officials on tour from Kashmir valley:
a.     Place of earlier posting.
b.     Home town or a station/ Kendra nearest to his/her home town (if there is no Station/Kendra at the home town).
c.     Place where his/her family is staying and for which second HRA is being claimed by the official (or the nearest Station/ Kendra, in case of no Station/ Kendra at such a place).
d.      Any other Station/ Kendra of his/her choice.

However, option once exercised by the official will be applicable for his/her entire tenure in the valley. No subsequent change would be permitted.
4.     The tour from Kashmir valley to the Station/ Kendra opted by the official would be controlled by the Head of Office of the Station/ Kendra and would be covered under the existing Government rules on the subject.
5.     As per DoPT's norms, secured accommodation has to be provided to all the officials posted to Srinagar from outside. Accomodation with DDK Srinagar is already available in TRC, but as enough suitable accommodation is not available with Radio Kashmir, Srinagar, the proposal from Radio Kashmir Srinagar, for providing accommodation in porta-cabin, at a capital expenditure of Rs. 100 lakhs, may be accepted. Additional. Additional funds for the above would need to be provided. In addition, Radio Kashmir, Srinagar may also explore hiring the rooms in TR, Srinagar. (Note: Association has strongly objected to this proposal of erecting porta-cabins at the costs of 100 lakhs, and our objection has now been sustained)

(B) For Migrants:
6.     The Number of migrants who have shifted their family to Jammu or to any other station near Delhi on or before the date stipulated in DoPT's norms should be identified immediately and corresponding number of posts would need to be shifted to Jammu. Such migrant officials would be posted at Jammu and would be sent on tour to Srinagar and other Station in the valley, as per the requirement of these stations, as provided in the DoPT's norms.

(C) For Local Officials:
7.      DoPT's instructions on the subject relating to facilities to be provided to the local officials while performing duties in the valley should be followed.
8.      All the incentives would be applicable to the officials posted in Kashmir valley that comprises of six districts, namely, Anantnag, Baramulla, Budgam, Kupwara, Pulwama and Srinagar as clarified vide DoPT's U.O No. 18016/2/2002-Estt (L) dated 9th July 2002.