Existence of NFADE

As has already been communicated to the members, ARTEE is an active partner in the National Federation of Akashwani and Doordarshan Employees (NFADE). ARTEE has always been a votary of employee's unity, because we are of firm belief that, unity only can bring strength. Particularly in these times of uncertainty, when the social responsibility part of the government has become a liability for the government of the day, it becomes all the more important for us to present a united face. Almost everybody who matters in AIR and Doordarshan is a part of NFADE. Times are changing, so are our priorities. Earlier on the issue of pay scale we used to join agitations and strikes on a very short notice wholeheartedly. Let us go to an introspection mode, whether we can still bring in that kind of display on other issues. As of now following Associations are the constituents of NFADE;
1. Akashwani Doordarshan Engineers Association (ADEA)
2. Akashwani Doordarshan Administrative Staff Association (ADASA)
3. AIR & DD Motor Drivers Association
4. AIR & DD Stenographers Association
5. AIR Newscasters Association
6. AIR CCW Employees Union
7. Akashvani Announcers Association
8. Akhil Bhartiya Akashvani Gr.D Karmachari Sangh
10. Audience Research Employees Association
11. Broadcasting Musicians Association of AIR
12. DD Group D Union
13. Doordarshan Programme Producers Association (DPPA)
14. JE Association CCW, AIR
15. Programme Staff Association of AIR&DD (PSA)
16. DPPU
17. Akashvani Doordarshan Library Staff Association
18. Association of Engineering Staff, Electrical-AES(E)
19. Akashwani Rajbhasha Staff Association (ARSA).

ARTEE central leaders had the opportunity to interact with the cadres in the recently held conventions at Chennai and Siliguri, so we can proudly say that the determination and commitment is very much there. This commitment is the driving force which has made ARTEE the strongest voice of employee's welfare matters. At the same time it becomes our paramount duty to behave like a responsible Association as well. We simply cannot be deaf and dumb to the realities all around. This very notion has made us join the NFADE. Each and every constituent of NFADE is very much clear about the means and objectives of the Federation.

Only common issues, concerning majority of the employees are to be taken up under the banner of Federation. But there is no bar on the constituents to take up their individual cases separately within the ambit of their own Associations. Live and let live should be our guiding principle. As of now the charter of demands of NFADE includes;

1. Put an end to the prolonged uncertainty of status that the employees are made to face at present.
2. Employees must continue to get whatever benefits they used to have while in Government service, which are being withdrawn gradually ever since the act was notified in 1997.
3. Prasar Bharati be fully funded from the consolidated fund of India to meet all expenses to provide for real autonomy to it. To ensure this funding the Prasar Bharati Act should be amended with statutory provisions for it in the act itself in the coming session of Parliament.

We fail to understand what makes any rational minded person/ association to oppose these demands. Of course the problem may arise in case some of the constituents start demanding something which is against our interests. But, can we act like a spoilt and immature child to say that if I have something, then my colleague must not have it at any cost? How much the issue of pay scale can agitate all of us is not hidden from all of us, and still there are couple of things that we intend to achieve in the times to come. Let us have full faith in ourselves. Vested interests will never want to see a united front of employees. This is indeed a very unfortunate part, but a bitter reality as well, which we have to live with. But it is rather painful to learn that a sister Association, who knows fully well about the goings on in government of India in general and Prasar Bharati in particular, prefer to stay aloof to the reality. We hope better sense will prevail and they will understand the benefits of having a constructive approach. As on now following is the Agitational Programme of NFADE;

· On 15th October 2004, NFADE will hand over a memorandum to Hon'ble Prime Minister. In the state capitals memorandums will be served to Governors.
· NFADE will prepare a memorandum in order to convince the MPs which will be circulated to all the hon'ble Members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
· To contact all Hon'ble members of Consultative Committee and committees on IT at Delhi.
· Silent March from Mandi House to Shastri Bhavan on 9th November 2004 at 1100 hrs and Gate Meeting at 1300 Hrs at Shastri Bhavan.
· Sit-in-Dharna at Akashwani Bhawan on 30th November from 1000Hrs to 1700 Hrs in Delhi and all other Metro cities.
Next phase, if required, will be announced later.