First Meeting of newly elected full CWC took place on 13/9/2003 at Patel Dharamshala, Teliabagh, Varanasi. Meeting was presided by Sh. R. Dasgupta, President. The first hour was earmarked for interactions with the local units of Varanasi and nearby areas. During this hour members raised some of their problems and solicited the support of the CWC on these issues. During this hour some of the points raised by Sh. H.S. Maurya, (AE) Unit Secy. AIR Varanasi are;
    · Stagnation in all cadres should be removed. Suggested to achieve time scale in New RRs.
   · GPF Problem, Passbook should be introduced for all cadres.
   · Abolishing the posts of SEA & S.Tech.
   · O.T.A. rates must be revised.
   · Extra duty Allowance must be given to the staff who crossed O.T.A. limit.
   · Merger of Diesel Staff, Mast Tech. Should be done at the earliest.
   · Association's stand on Bansal Committee Report.
   · Injustice done in fixation of pay of Helpers under ACP scheme.
   · Choice posting is not being given even where posts laying vacant.
   · Need of Common platform of Associations.
   · Continuation of Station Head Rotation between Programme and Engg. Officers.

In his presidential address, President conveyed his sincere gratitude for the dedication of members of local units of AIR & DD Varanasi and thanked every member who have contributed to the success of the CWC meeting. He welcomed all the elected CWC members. He said that the Election Results indicate that people wanted a change and It also put more responsibility on New CWC. He advised office bearers to be more sincere and dedicated since time is very crucial due to transition to PRASAR BHARATI. He promised that CWC would try to achieve better Recruitment Rules and Service Conditions. After Presidential address CWC started discussion on circulated Agenda Points.

The President requested the outgoing President & General Secretary to enlighten the house about the present status of the subject. Sh. Bachchu Singh Meena (Ex. President ) and Sh. Ram Shanker (Ex. Gen.Sec.) informed the house
about the status of ongoing process of framing new Recruitment Rules and Service Conditions, and the efforts being done by the committee constituted for this purpose after the JFADEE agitation. ARTEE is also a constituent of this committee. It was resolved that ARTEE go into further negotiation with a positive frame of mind and try to extract better Recruitment Rules. Members are requested to come out with suggestions on the matter.

Withdrawing the Facilities like CGHS, Govt. Accommodation and Education
House discussed issue in detail. The MOU with the Govt. signed last year was also discussed. Members suggested various options. House unanimously resolved that MOU should be the reference point since there is no action on continuation of these facilities. This Association will seek clarification and press hard upon the implementation of MOU to continue these facilities.

Issuing Govt. of India Identity card to employee instead of Prasar Bharati Identity Card
It was pointed out that at some of the station the authorities have started issuing the Prasar Bharati Identity cards, which is not warranted till our services are transferred to Prasar Bharati. It was resolved that till we are given an option/ merged with Prasar Bharati, All employee should be issued Govt of India Identity cards.

Cadre Bifurcation in EZ/ NEZ
This delicate issue was discussed in detail. President informed the house about the situation and urged the members of concerned zones for adopting a logical and reasonable approach and not to be unduly sentimentally charged on the issue. He informed the house that the Directorate has decided to allow surplus staff to opt for other zone under Inter zonal transfer as per DOP&T norms and repatriation of remaining surplus staff against higher posts. As a rough estimate at present approx. 60 SEAs and 10 Sr. Techs will be surplus in East Zone. After brief discussion 3 options were suggested.

   · All India Transfer liability for Non Gazetted cadres so that surplus staff may be transferred to other zones.
   · The load of surplus staff to be shared by all five zones equally by transferring posts from other zones to east zone.      For example: If 60 SEAs are surplus 12 posts of SEAs are to be transferred to East Zone from all other four zones and like wise for Sr.Tech.
   · Let East Zone face the situation on its own and share the        entire burden itself.

After a marathon discussion house resolved that 50% of the surplus posts of SEA & Sr.Tech will be shared by concerned zones i.e. EZ & NEZ and remaining 50% burden should be equally divided between other three zones viz. NZ, SZ, and WZ. Staff transferred through Inter Zonal Transfer will be adjusted against these vacancies. In case there is a major change in surplus vacancy position, ARTEE will again explore the options to solve the problem.

Deployment of Retired Personnel in Prasar Bharati
The house was informed that Prasar Bharati Management has started recruiting Retired Personnel in the Department, which is a serious issue as it will block promotional avenues and entry of fresh people in the department. He also informed that Prasar Bharati is planning to run Major Kendras with retired personnel and to send the existing staff to run the remote stations. House discussed the issue in detail, and it was resolved that, ARTEE vehemently opposes the move by Engg. Authorities to deploy retired & casual personnel for operational and Maintenance work in AIR & DD. The house further resolves that this Association will continuously pressurize the Authorities to get fresh sanction of posts. We will not co-operate in commissioning new installations without staff sanction. It was also resolved that we will try for re-sanctioning of lapsed posts.

Implementation of ACP for subordinate Engg. Cadres
After discussing the issue the House resolved that benefit of ACP should be given to eligible subordinate Engg. Cadres. Authorities should be approached and matter should be pursued. If it is not achievable through negotiation, legal option may be sought.

Opening of Promotional Channel for subordinate Engg. Cadres
The house was informed that CEO, Prasar Bharati had agreed in principle that Qualification Bar for AE to ASE promotion should be removed. Sh. Hemant Kr. Malhotra (Joint Sec. A.E.) informed about the progress and latest situation of the Lucknow CAT case he won against Qualification Bar. He urged the house that this decision is a very favourable decision and we should do every thing to get the decision implemented. House unanimously resolved that all out efforts should be made to force the authorities to implement Lucknow CAT Judgment. If required Association should adopt democratic measures to put pressure on authorities. Decision about measures will be taken by Delhi based CWC members. In the meantime Association should try to prevent authorities from making promotions from AE to JTS & JTS to STS.

Policy on Departmental Examinations
Discussions on this point revealed that being a merit based examination the qualifying marks changes in every examination, the syllabus is becoming more & more difficult and staff is being denied promotions on the basis of Average CR. After a long debate on the issue house resolved that henceforth Departmental Examination should be qualifying in nature. Also in promotions from SEA to AE 50% posts should be filled through seniority and 50% through qualifying examination. Undue weightage of ACR should not come on the way of promotion. Examination should be common for AIR & DD and preferably there should be a single objective type question Paper. Also resolved that any CR below the benchmark should be communicated to the employee. A letter in this regard will be written to CEO, Prasar Bharati, along with Supreme Court ruling.

De-linking/ improvement in working of accounts of AE from IRLA & GPF Passbook
After discussion house resolved that the AEs account should be de-linked from IRLA. Pass Book should be introduced for maintenance of GPF accounts for group B & C as it is presently being maintained for Group A & D Staff. GPF Accounting of Silchar & Agartala is being managed from CALCUTTA. It should be from Guwahati. P&AO of one Zone should be within the concerned zone.

An Appeal for Homecoming
                                                 - Hemant Kr. Malhotra, JS (AE)

I appeal to all those AEs who have left ARTEE earlier to rejoin ARTEE and further strengthen the cause of promotion AEs to JTS cadre. As all of you must be aware that I have won the case at Lucknow CAT which has quashed the infamous 1989 rules. I have also filed a contempt of court petition, as Prasar Bharati is unwilling to implement the CAT Lucknow judgement after almost one year has passed. Next hearing of contempt proceeding is 23rd Oct. 2003. Although , Deptt. has gone to High Court against this judgement but so far unable to get a stay and the case is still pending. But recently ARTEE had a meeting with the CEO (Prasar Bharati) and things seem to be moving in the right direction. For further details kindly contact any ARTEE central office bearer, OR myself at the following address, K-567 (A), ASHIYANA, Lucknow -12. Tel. 2422844, Cell 9839072437.