1. State Convention in Ahmedabad: ARTEE's Gujarat unit has organized a State Convention on 16th of November 2003. State Secretary (Guj) invites all the unit secretaries of Gujarat to make it to the meeting on 16th of November. You can get in touch with the State Secretary (Guj) Sh. S.D Rathod on his mobile 0-9879054227 or fax no. 079-26853854.

2. Meeting with the CEO on Lucknow CAT case: ARTEE had a meeting with the CEO for the implementation of Lucknow Judgement on 23rd September. This meeting had only one point agenda.
We did have a very useful meeting. The CEO has desired that within 30 days a workout be done as to assess the applicability and after effects of the judgment, before deciding anything further.

3. Mini Convention at Mahboobnagar: South Zone unit of ARTEE organized a DMC - convention of local units on 18th August 2003, at Mahboobnagar. The meeting was well attended by the nearby unit secretaries. Local press and electronic media also covered the event well, highlighting the points raised by VP (SZ) and other ARTEE'ians.

First Ever visit of Top Office Bearers of the Association to the most difficult J&K Installations:
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Immediately after taking over the President accompanied by VP (AIR) Sh. Kuldeep Bhan and State Secretary J&K Sh. A.K. Handoo visited Srinagar, Udhampur, Jammu, Dharmsaal (MLPTV), Rajouri, Bhimber Gali, Poonch and Naushera. The experience was harrowing to say the least. During the visit HPTV Poonch at Bimber Gali was under sever shelling from across the LoC. The hapless junior staff were left alone to face the catastrophe. Though they barely held the fort, it is significant t note that SE, DMC went to Jammu with the lone office vehicle, thereby all the staff members even could not leave the scene, though even the J&K Police had deserted their posts. Out of the 3 or 4 AEs on the strength of the station, none thought it proper to take the leadership at this tough time. You must have learnt that the station was heavily shelled subsequently on 22nd August 2003, rendering the HPT out of service. Even as on today the station is off the air. It is shocking to learn that there is no source of water at all in the complex. Though it is right on the border, there is no regular place to accommodate the staff.

Dharmsaal Mobile LPT (MLPT):
The concept of mobile LPT is difficult to understand. Even the Engineering top brass do not have any knowledge of this new experimental concept of LPTs. As if the sufferings in most of the existing LPTs is not enough, the latest concept of Human Torture Machines, LPTs on wheel has come into being. Apart from their name, absolutely nothing is mobile in these Vans. These vans have been placed in most difficult terrain in the valley and a wall fencing has been done around them (to make them immobile). One porta-cabin (have a look....) , procured to house VLPTs in Siachin area is there for our staff to live. These cabins do not have any ventilation. Only ventilation is a small hole, designed to insert the RF cable. No furniture, staff is supposed to spend the nights on floor. This is a furnace during summer/ sunny days. If the door is kept open, there is every likely hood for a reptile to enter. Forcing the staff to remain in a 'Gas Chamber' like environment. No electricity, no telephone connection, no source of water and to top it all, no toilet or bathroom. Staff is to go to the field to defecate. MLPT has been positioned inside a Police station campus. The standing instruction from SHO that the Gates of the campus will remain locked between 6 PM to 6 AM. One is expected to control nature's call for that duration. If once wishes to have a feel of life 200 years back, the situation is ideal.

AIR Rajouri is another classic example of human harassment. The transmitter is about 3 kms uphill journey from quarter complex. One is expected to walk this distance on foot, round the year braving hostile weather. Last one kilometer of this climb is through a makeshift muddy walk-way, which is very steep as well. No water source, one is expected to carry water physically. The transmission hours is surprising from 0540 to 1000 hrs, making the situation still worst.

AIR and LPT Poonch are also situated at a very remote place. One has to travel through a most difficult and hostile and militant prone area. Situated within the firing range from across the LoC. The station is running with 3 nos of engineering staff. No supervisory staff is available.

AIR Naushera is situated not very far from LoC. The whole complex is manned by 2 nos. of SEAs. No other staff is ever posted there. HPTV Naushera is also facing a similar situation.

All these AIR stations are under the control of AIR Jammu. But engineering officer has ever visited these problem prone stations. It is high time some engineering officers are posted in these stations as team leaders.

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