OM No. 16/78/2001-A&G.
New Delhi
Dated 06-06-2003.
Subject: Retention of AIR Quarters/ Allotment of alternative AIR quarters at last place of posting to AIR employees posted to Jammu & Kashmir.
The matter of granting permission for the retention of AIR quarters or allotment of alternative AIR accommodations to such officers who are posted in the State of Jammu & Kashmir and who desire to keep their families at the last station of posting has been considered in the Directorate and it has been decided that:
(a) In case of an officer, who is transferred to the State of Jammu & Kashmir as indicated above and who may be in occupation of AIR residential accommodation which is not earmarked or attached to the posts at the last station of his posting may be permitted to retain the same type of accommodation for the bona-fide use of the members of the family who have been left behind during the period of posting in Jammu & Kashmir.
(b) In case of an officer who may be in occupation of an earmarked or attached quarter at the last station of posting may be offered alternate accommodation of one type below the type of accommodation he has been occupying, if available, for the bona-fide use of the members of the family.
(c) The accommodation offered for the retention as indicated in (a) & (b) above will be on payment of normal licence fee.
(d) It is obligatory for the officer desiring retention of AIR accommodation at the station of his last posting to accept the alternative accommodation offered to him, failing which the above concession will be withdrawn and the provisions of the All India Radio (Allotment of Residential Quarters) Rules, 1983 will apply, with regard to the AIR accommodation in his occupation immediately before his posting to the State of Jammu & Kashmir.
(e) The request for retention of AIR accommodation/ allotment of alternative AIR accommodation should reach the Controlling Authorities at the new and last station of his posting within one month of his relinquishment of charge at the last station of his posting.
(f) It is the responsibility of the officer concerned to intimate within one month to the concerned Estate Officer/ Controlling Authority, the date of relinquishment of charge immediately prior to his posting in the State of Jammu & Kashmir and the date of joining at he new station in the State of Jammu & Kashmir.
(g) Since the retention/ allotment of alternate Government accommodation is allowed for bona-fide use of the dependent family of the transferred employee, he/ she will furnish a certificate on the 1st July and 1st January of every year, stating that his dependent family members are actually residing in the AIR accommodation at the last place of his/ her posting. Such a certificate will also have to be furnished at the time of seeking retention.
(h) The request for retention of entitled type of accommodation should be received within a period of one month from the date of relinquishing of charge at the last place of posting so that further necessary action could be initiated by the concerned Estate Officer in time.
(i) The facility of retaining allotment of Government accommodation in the previous station will also be available if the employee is transferred from one AIR Office/ Station to another within the Station of Jammu & Kashmir or from J & K to any state in the N.E. Region, Sikkim. A&N Islands and Lakshadweep and vice versa.
(j) Retention of AIR accommodation shall also be admissible to those officers who own house at the last place of their posting.

2. All officers, who are covered by these orders and who are either retaining AIR accommodation or want alternative accommodation at their earlier place of posting may apply within a period of one month from the date of issue of these orders to the Controlling Authority concerned for the purpose.

3. These orders will take effect from 01-07-2002 and will remain in force fro a period of 3 years i.e. upto 30-06-2005 or till revised orders are issued, whichever is earlier.

(Krishna Kumar)
Dy. Director of Admn. (H)


Flouting all civilized norms, Doordarshan authorities have displayed rather shamefully how an undue favour can be granted to a particular person time and again. One SEA was transferred to HPTV Daltonganj about an year back from DDK Ranchi after having served in Ranchi for more than 10 years as a sequel to a courtcase, as all his juniors were made to go on transfer one by one. This high profile SEA having unholy nexus with authorities managed to change his place of posting from Daltonganj to LPT Godda. Before joining at Godda this influential SEA desired that he should move to Chaibasa, a tenure station. As there was no vacancy at Chaibasa, another favour was showered on him by the transferring him to Chaibasa with post.
As if this is not enough, ultimately he wanted to come to Ranchi as soon as possible, knowing fully well that the obliging authorities will fulfill this desire as well. This time he managed to be transferred to DDK Ranchi within five months by once again shifting the post of LPT Godda. See the height of surrender by the administrative authorities, his order was not released by the zonal office, but by the DD Directorate (transfer within the zone). Transferring an SEA in this manner has set a very unique and bad precedent. This keeps one guessing. Is it that Directorate do not rely on zonal office? Or the whole episode is opposed by zonal office. One thing comes out that the whole matter is fishy and certainly there is something under the carpet. We suggest that since a roving post has been attached to the person, he may be issued permanent credential t let him join at any station at any time that he desires. The authorities should realize a simple fact that this type of favoured treatment sends a feeling of hopelessness and a sense of insecurity among the staff.