xx) In the matter of posting, officials who have not already been posted at a particular station, shall have precedence over others who have already had full tenure at that station.

xxi) Members of staff who are within three years of reaching the age of superannuation, will, if posted at their home town, not be shifted there from, if it becomes necessary to post them elsewhere, offers will be made to shift them to or near their home towns to the extent possible.

xxii) The transfers of members of staff who have been given specialised training, either in India or abroad, and those who are found to have aptitude for research work will be guided by consideration of fully utilising their training/talents, than by any other considerations herein.

xxiii) Only the Chief Executive of the Central Body of a recognised Association/Union/Federation as defined in the constitution of that Association/Union/Federation, or where the Chief Executive has not been specifically thereof, may, if he is posted at a station office outside Delhi/New Delhi, be brought on transfer to a station Office at Delhi/New Delhi. In case, however, he is already posted at a station/office in Delhi/New Delhi, he will not be transferred to a station/office outside Delhi/New Delhi so long as he continuous to hold the office by virtue of which he is entitled to be retained at Delhi/New Delhi.

xxiv) Efforts will be made to the extent possible to see that husband and wife serving in All India Radio and Doordarshan are posted at one place, if they so desire.

xxv) Transfers will as far as possible be synchronised with the end of the academic year so that the education of children does not suffer.

xxvi) An index card for each employee may be maintained at Directorate or Regional Zonal Office as the case may be. This index card will contain the record of the employee's previous postings/transfers and also his latest choice of stations of next posting and would be consulted before every transfer/posting.

2. Transfer policy, as enunciated above, should be implemented as objectively as possible. If any exception is required to be made, it should be got approved at the highest level in the Directorate.

Yours faithfully,

Dy. Secretary to the Govt. Of India.


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