STI Call Letters
  Section : STI(T)


( ?߼/ Broadcasting Corporation of India)

?~ý Ц߲ ( ?~?~ )/ Staff Training Institute (Technical)

??~ߢ ? ò/ All India Radio and Doordarshan

?~? - 110009/ Kingsway, Delhi ? 110 009.


No. STI(T)/Deptt.Exam./Helper/2010 Dated : 23/02/2011




Subject: Revised schedule of Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion of Helper to the post of Technician against 20% Departmental Quota for 2009-2010 vacancies for all Zones.


The Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion of Helper to the post of Technician against 20% Departmental Quota for 2009-2010 vacancies was notified on 12/10/2010. Subsequently the examination was postponed due to merger of Khalasis and helpers vide DG:AIR office order F.No.4/15/2010-S IV(A) dated 7th December 2010.

1. Those who applied in response to our earlier notification dated 12/10/2010 need not apply again. However, as a result of merger, there might be additional eligible candidates. If so, Stations/Kendras/Offices should send the list of additional willing and eligible helpers to respective Zonal Chief Engineer by 24/3/2011. It may be noted that the names be sent directly by the stations to their respective Zonal offices. Names sent to STI(T) will not be considered.


2. The Zonal Chief Engineers will intimate the consolidated list of names of the candidates along with their roll numbers to STI(T) latest by 31/3/2011.

3. The above examination is now scheduled to be held on 10th April, 2011 (Sunday) from 1000 hrs to 1300 hrs.

4 The other details of this examination circulated vide this office CM of even no. dated 12/10/2010 shall remain unchanged.


Receipt of this memo may kindly be acknowledged. Hindi version will follow.




For Chief Engineer(Trg.)


  1. All AIR/DD Stations/Kendras/Offices/HPT?s/DDMC?s/LPT?s/TVRC?s.
  2. CE(NZ), (By name Shri D.K.Khanna,CE(AVM)), AIR & DD, Shahajahan Road,
    New Delhi
    ?110 011.

3.       CE(SZ), (By name Shri S.S.Reddy,CE(AVM)), AIR & DD, Swami Sivananda Salai, Chennai ?600 005.

  1. CE(WZ), (By name Shri Rajendra Prasad,CE(AVM)), AIR & DD, 101, M.K. Road, Mumbai ? 400 020.
  2. CE(EZ)(Sh. S. Francis, CE-AVM)), AIR & DD, Eden Garden, Calcutta ?700 001.
  3. CE(NEZ), (By name Shri R.Ghosh Dastidar,DE), AIR & DD, Dr. P.Kakoti Building,
    Ganesh Gurhi, Chariali, Dispur, Guwahati ? Shillong Road, Guwahati ? 781006 with a request to inform all the concerned in their respective Zones.
  4. DG, E-In-C, CE(D), CE(M), CE(P), CE(MR),), DDG(A), Dir(TC), Dir(EA), DDA(E),
    S-IV(B) Section, All India Radio, Akashvani Bhavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi ?110 001.
  5. DG, E-In-C, CE(Shri H.K.Wadhwa), CE ( Shri Yuvraj Bajaj), CE( Shri Rakesh Srivastava)

DE(Smt. Sadhana Kumar), S-IV Section, Doordarshan, Mandi House, New Delhi ? 110001.

  1. CE(R&D), AIR & DD, I.P. Estate, New Delhi -110 002.
  2. Director(Policy), O/o Directorate General, All India Radio, Akashvani Bhavan, New Delhi with a request that publicity may kindly be given on RNT for at least three consecutive days as per message enclosed.
  3. The President, ARTEE, P.O. Box ? 422, New Delhi ? 110 001.
  4. The General Secretary, AIR/DD Technical Employees Association, PO Box ? 736, New Delhi ? 110 001.
  5. The General Secretary, AIR/DD Engineers Association, (By name: Shri P.N.Bhakta), Room No. 333, Akashvani Bhavan, New Delhi -110 001.
  6. The General Secretary, AIR/DD SC/ST Employees Welfare Association, 2579-2580, Bagichi Raghunath, Sadar Thana Road, Delhi ? 110 006.
  7. PS to CE(T)
  8. All faculty members, STI(T), Delhi.
  9. Guard File.


For Chief Engineer (Training)