ARTEE Election 2015 - 2017

19.09.15 Election Process Stopped as per Court Order

03.09.15 Nomination of ZARO for West Zone and NE Zone

30.08.15 Reminder: For sending address of Unit Secretaries

21.08.15 Final list of Nominations after withdrawals

17.08.15 Approval of Nominations of Z.A.R.O. of East , South and North Zone

14.08.15 Withdrawal of Nominations Received up to 14.08.15

12.08.15 Regarding Address of All Unit Secretaries for Sending Ballot Papers

07.08.15 Format for Withdrawal of Nomination

06.08.15 List of Valid Nominations

04.08.15 Nomination of Assistant Returning Officer

28.07.15 Nominations Received up to 28.07.15

15.07.15 Nomination Form for Election 2015 - 17

15.07.15 Caution from R.O. Against Posting on Socializing Website on Election Process


13.07.15 Nomination of ZARO of Zones

10.07.15 Draft Voter List by Gen.Secy./ Treasurer as per clause 17(b)

06.07.15 3rd SOS Call - Last Two days for Sending DDO Certified Data

06.07.15 Declaration of Election Schedule

06.07.15 Returning Officer's Address, Phone and email ID

30.06.15 Email ID by RO for Election Purpose

29.06.15 Appeal from Returning Officer
29.06.15 Election Notification for CWC Term 2015 -2017
26.06.15 2nd S.O.S. Call for DDO Certified Data for Station
23.06.15 S.O.S. Call for DDO Certified Data
23.06.15  Intimation About Extension of CWC Terms for  Three Months